Small Diet Changes That Will Make A Big Difference

So you want to eat healthier. You have high hopes of crunching on kale and jogging after work, leaving fears of high blood pressure and weight gain in the dust. But, like most people who want a lifestyle overhaul, you probably have no idea where to start.

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Maybe you've tried a diet or two before. If you're anything like the 97 percent of dieters who gain the weight they tried to lose right back, your diet didn't work. According to some studies, 60 percent of all dieters actually end up gaining back more weight than they lost. Rough.

Clearly, trying to lose weight by dieting isn't the answer. But there is still hope for your health, we promise — because you don't have to embark on some crazy month-long cleanse or count calories to feel great and lower your health risk. Even a few simple changes to the way you eat and drink can improve your health, keep you energized, and make you feel incredible. You can feel balanced, relaxed about food, and healthier than ever with just a few of these small diet changes that make a big difference.