Seedless Avocados Are Here And We're Obsessed

Something good has managed to happen this year — shockingly, out of people's inability to cut an avocado without hurting themselves. To save consumers from slicing open their own hands, a British retailer has begun selling pit-less avocados that don't require the use of a knife to remove the seeds.

More importantly, this means that when you spend $3 on just one fruit, you get more avocado from your avocado. Never again will you have to open your pricey avocado to find it's only 10 percent edible. If you've ever experienced that tragedy, you know how disappointing it can be.


These avocados are an unpollinated blossom of the fruit, grown without a seed. They are grown in Spain — home of the tragic "low-fat" avocado — and are only available during December, making them the most exclusive fruit to hit the shelves this season.

They're just 2 to 3 inches in length, earning them the nickname "cocktail avocado." The skin of the fruit is also edible. As of now, the fruits are only being sold by Marks & Spencer (M&S), a British retailer that sells everything from socks to high-end skincare. The store has a large food and wine department that has enthusiastically adopted the pit-less avocados.

"This amazing fruit has been on our radar for a couple of years and we're very excited to have finally been able to get hold of some for our customers to try," Charlotte Curtis, a food technology specialist at M&S, told The Independent.

Apparently, the avocados have been around for quite some time, being shipped to high-end restaurants in Paris and even some locations in the US. They are, however, extremely limited.

California's Pacific Sun Distributing Inc, Coosemans, and Frieda's all claimed to have carried the fruit in the Produce Market Guide, but have recently told Brit & Co. that the avocados are no longer available.

If you want to get your hands on one of these adorable fruits before you injure yourself trying to slice a pitted one, you'll have to book a flight to England. You better do it soon — January is almost here, and they'll be out of season until winter of 2018.

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