Ollie Gourmet Dog Food Costs More Than Human Groceries

Man's best friend just made an enemy with some men's wallets. Every week, a shipment of Ollie brand gourmet dog food costs approximately $70 — and that's if you have an average-sized, not-too-hungry pup. We took the brand's online quiz to obtain a plan for a 60-pound mutt and received a price estimate of $71.74 a week for enough food to fill two meals a day for our imaginary Fido.

Of course, the price tag came with both quality and benefits. Our furry best friend would be eating fresh produce, high-quality protein, and natural superfoods. And dogs can actually benefit from eating superfoods. Just like humans, their bodies need a variety of nutrients to stay healthy. So should your dog's food cost just as much as yours?

The meals are made from all real ingredients and actually sound pretty tasty — even for us. Our imaginary dog, for example, would be eating beef, sweet potatoes, greens, chia seeds, and spices like basil and rosemary. The dishes are enriched with vitamins and are cooked on-site by Ollie's human workers. They use kitchens, cold-cooking techniques, and real ingredients to whip up your dog's dinner.

"We work with a specialized veterinarian to formulate our AAFCO-compliant recipes," Ollie's website reads, "deriving the exact nutrition your dog needs from natural sources like sweet potato and cod liver oil, instead of supplements." With this food, there's likely no need to force-feed your dog vitamins hidden in spoonfuls of peanut butter. These meals have all the nourishment they need, according to top veterinarians.

Those who have tried the food for themselves are big fans. "Ollie customers say that eating our food has increased their dog's energy, reduced gas, minimized skin irritations, and even improved health conditions," their website boasts.

To add to the convenience, Ollie delivers the refrigerated meals straight to your door. Once they arrive, you simply make room in your fridge and pack them away until you're ready to feed Fido and re-order the following week.

The whole scenario sounds seriously ideal. Optimal nutrition for your pet and optimal convenience for you. But to feed this kibble to your dog, you'd better be ready to fork up some cash. It might be worth it though; the food you're buying for Spot at your local pet shop might be one of the worst things for him.