Time Magazine Named Halo Top Ice Cream One Of The Best Inventions Of 2017

Every year, Time Magazine releases the 25 best inventions across the globe. This year, ice cream made the list. Of course, not just any ice cream could rank high among talking robots, innovative smartphones, and selfie drones. Halo Top, the low-calorie ice cream distributor that outsold every other ice cream in America, was the only one deserving of this recognition.

Food hardly ever makes an appearance on this prestigious list of innovations. New tools, software, and aerodynamic machinery are par for the course. But Halo Top's concept is the genius invention Time recognized. It didn't take years of computer programming and it didn't give sight back to the blind. Instead, it simply gave Americans what they've always wanted: Dessert that doesn't break your diet. 

"It sounds almost too good to be true," Time's ranking reads, "a flavor-packed, low-sugar ice cream with no more than 360 calories — per pint." We thought so, too. But the ice cream producers keep proving us wrong, time and time again. And each time we think it can't get any better, they come out with a new flavor, a vegan option, or a festive limited-time offering to have us raving all over again.

Critics of the product have claimed it's not really that nutritious, sweetened with controversial stevia and laced with added sugars and fat. But, as Time's reporter points out, "Halo Top's goal isn't to replace fruits and veggies." 

No, instead the company wants to bring ice cream back into the lives of diet-conscious, weight-watching, and calorie-counting consumers.And that they have. 

You can find Time's full list of the Best Inventions of 2017 here

We want to give Halo Top a huge congratulations. They are for sure one of the healthiest new snacks of 2017