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Diet Advice You Need to Forget When You Turn 40

Weight loss tips should come with an expiration date

You might be hesitant to admit it, but your body changes after you turn 40. Your swift metabolism and shining hair aren’t going to last forever — and there are habits you might have developed that could make your body’s wear and tear look even worse.

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We hear a lot of bad diet advice. Think about it: I imagine the things you were advised 20 years ago sound a whole lot different than the weight loss tips you see touted today. Some of the pieces of advice you might have followed could have consequences of their own.

Your metabolism is getting slower as you age — and many tactics people have tried to shed pounds only serve to plummet your metabolic rate even further. When you were younger, this wasn’t such a big deal. You could hop on the treadmill, do a few sprints, and spike it right back up. But now that you’re older, you know that’s not so easy. Plus, running with the intention of losing weight might not be the greatest idea, either…

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Your best weapon against the onslaught of aging is knowledge. Once you understand how your body is really revving its way through life, you’ll be much less likely to sabotage your youth with this misinformed diet advice.