Anna faris

Anna Faris Helps KIND Throw Shade at Other Protein Bars

We know those whey-filled bars are healthy, but at what cost?!
Anna faris

Anna Faris just gets us.

There’s nothing kind about Kind’s new marketing campaign. In Anna Faris’ new collaboration with the healthy snack bar company, she throws some major shade at the other protein bars on the market. The criticism of protein bars is undoubtedly justified — if you’ve ever tried one of those “dessert” flavored protein bars, you know how upsetting the experience can be. Bars that claim to mimic decadent treats like red velvet cake and peanut butter cookies end up tasting more like chalk than dessert.

The hilarious actress reads through reviews of other protein bars, chronicling more than a few disappointing snacking experiences — and the reviews are a bit too relatable.

“These taste like garbage and resentment,” Faris reads aloud. “My roommate asked, ‘Did someone just s--- in my mouth?’” The reviews were off to a graphic start.

The actress, unfazed, continues to the next rueful review. “You will vomit just thinking about trying to finish the bar. I’d rather have my leg broken than eat this hyena crap,” Faris goes on.


KIND claims to have resolved the taste disparity by creating a protein bar that tastes nothing like a protein bar. They’re so confident in their new product that they sent The Daily Meal (and thousands of other consumers) competitor protein bars to taste test side-by-side.

We tried the new bars and some of the other brands’ options — we had to admit, there wasn’t much contest. Turns out, a protein bar called “Red Velvet” tastes nothing like actual cake, and wasn’t even palatable to some of our editors.

The Kind Protein bar got better reviews. “The Kind bar was surprisingly crunchy and also had a good flavor. It didn't make me feel like I had a brick in my stomach,” one editor described, “but it also has a lot less protein content.”

The Kind Protein bars contain 12 grams of protein from nuts, while the competitor protein bars they sent contained 20 grams from whey. Kind chose to include a greater portion of whole food ingredients like peanuts and almonds — but also included added sugars and palm oils.


While these bars could be a tastier and less processed alternative to your typical powder-filled protein bars, you might rather opt for one of these healthy snacks instead.