8 Superfoods You've Never Heard Of But Need To Know

Determining which foods deserve to be called "super" is not an empirical process, and the lack of a formal definition makes it nearly impossible to navigate through the waves of superfood speculation. It's hard to believe the types of ingredients that people will deem superfoods. Therefore, it's important to take an objective approach when you see the word "superfood" so as not to be sucked into a marketing ploy. There's no one tincture, tonic, or powder to cure all of life's ailments, but there is a variety of largely unknown fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are especially nutrient-dense.

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Often it's the foods that we hear about the most that are deemed the healthiest, but the loudest voices aren't always the right ones. This list was designed to bring to the forefront lesser-known foods that pack a strong nutritional punch, and although some of them might be difficult to obtain, each possesses at least one special quality making it worthy of the title of "superfood."

Here's our list of the top eight superfoods you've never heard of but need to know.    


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