3 Healthy Meals You Can Make in 10 Minutes

Because you should spend more time enjoying your food than cooking it
Shrimp Green Curry


A fast worker can make this delicious green curry in 10 minutes

After (or before) a long day, the last thing you want to think about is spending an hour in the kitchen prepping and cooking a meal. It’s tempting to run out and grab a sandwich, a bagel, a slice of pizza, or some fast food, but it is easier, cheaper, and healthier to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home.  

These three healthy meals can all be made in 10 minutes or less and they won’t have you feeling guilty after eating them.

Simple Microwave Scrambled Eggs

It’s true that scrambled eggs take only a few minutes to cook in a frying pan, but when you’re rushing out of the house, you don’t want to have to deal with dirty dishes. This method requires only a bowl, a fork, two eggs, and two tablespoons of milk. From start to finish, you can be eating a piping-hot breakfast in less than five minutes. Click here for the Simple Microwave Scrambled Eggs recipe.

Salmon Burger

Canned salmon is an ingredient you need to have in your pantry; it’s affordable, non-perishable, and contributes omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, and protein to your diet. Canned salmon is precooked, and only needs to be heated in a frying pan, which means this dish can be prepared in 10 minutes or less. Click here for the Quick and Easy Salmon Burger recipe.

Shrimp Green Curry


The recipe might say that this dish needs 15 minutes, but after doing the math, I figure that a fast worker can make this delicious green curry in 10 minutes. Red bell pepper, peas, and spring onions are briefly simmered in a sauce of curry paste, vegetable stock, and coconut milk for around five minutes. The quick cooking time preserves the vegetables texture and nutrients. The shrimp and pak choi (Chinese cabbage) take almost no time to cook, and the seasoning of lime juice, basil leaves, and coriander add a pop of acid and a cool herbal note. Click here for the Shrimp Green Curry recipe.