The 13 Diet Mistakes Men Make Most and How to Avoid Them

Diets come and go, but a healthy lifestyle should stick around


When losing weight, it is important to incorporate healthy foods into your diet and avoid common mistakes.

With fluctuating diet trends, celebrity-endorsed regimens, and new food innovations, it’s easy to believe that going on a diet is the solution to all your weight-loss problems. It’s difficult to even know whether or not a certain food is healthy, due to conflicting advice from nutritionists. When it comes to unhealthy diet tactics, it is difficult losing weight and even maintaining a healthy weight.

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Rather than looking for a quick fix, men should seek a way to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Popular diets can be complicated and discouraging, which ultimately reverses the desire for a health-conscious lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s just easier to eat whatever you want. The good news is that there are realistic lifestyle changes you can make in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Setting yourself up for success begins with planning and preparation. We spoke with registered dietitian Heather Mangieri about the biggest mistakes that men make with their diet.

Avoiding Carbohydrates

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Carbohydrates, such as whole-grain bread, are necessary to maintain healthy energy levels.

“While scaling back on specific macronutrients, like carbs or fat, may be necessary to lose weight, eliminating them completely won't do you any favors,” Mangieri says. Carbohydrates keep you energized and provide fuel for your body throughout the day.

Avoiding Fat

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Although eliminating fat from your diet may seem like the best option, it will end up destroying your immune system. “The body needs some carbohydrates for energy, and small amounts of healthy fat to aid the absorption of disease-fighting antioxidants,” Mangieri explains.