10 Celebrity Fad Diets

A recap of popular Hollywood weight-loss methods

An array of fruits and vegetables promoted in the Rainbow Diet.
An array of fruits and vegetables promoted in the Rainbow Diet.

When watching E! and flipping through gossip magazines, it’s hard not to wonder how stars manage to look so good. OK, maybe it has something to do with a personal trainer and that it is technically part of their job to stay in shape, but it could also be due to some of the ridiculous and slightly bizarre diets that find their way into Hollywood kitchens.

These fads tend to be short-lived, though some have more longevity than others. The frozen yogurt diet, for one, seemed to pop in and out, though it’s still left its mark with the excess of fro-yo shops opening in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Others, like the Rainbow Diet, are based on good intentions of incorporating more fruits and vegetables into daily diets, but somehow get lost amid the Hollywood desire for immediate weight loss and teeny, tiny bodies and usually passed over for diets that promise quick results.

Stars like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon have turned to these supposed miracle weight-loss diets to help thin themselves out. So we decided to round up some of the trendy and popular diets that have hit Hollywood and see what they're all about. Though we haven't tried any ourselves, let us know if you have (and if they work!).

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The original version of this article was published on April 25, 2011.

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All these diets have one thing in common.. short term results. Once you come off them, the weight piles back on again. The best thing I ever did was switch to alkaline foods, the weight actually stays off! Here's a pretty good free guide to anyone unaware of the alkaline diet: www.TheAlkalineDietGuide.info

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I tried many of these diets that you've mentioned. Great for fast weight lost. But as we all know if we don't change our mental habit towards food,nothing permanent will come out of it.

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These things are fads. But HCG Ultra Diet isnt.


none off these stupid things work dont try them!!!!


Oftentimes, we both hear and read about diets that tend to guarantee us that by partaking in the program, we will lose X amount of pounds over a given period of time.
Fat Free Diets Can Be Downright Dangerous


As a former chronically obese person who solved the problem, I must say this for the benefit of all the overweight people who have tried these crazy diet approaches and failed: They didn't work for me either. In fact they made me worse. They are part of the problem, one of the things that turn a weight problem into a terrible problem, a real disorder. After being overweight and obese from the time I was seven to when I was in my thirties, and after failing at diets and "behavior modification" approaches for 25 years, I discovered a solution using a different behavioral approach I call Therapeutic Psychogenics. I'm the psychotherapist who wrote 'The Anderson Method' after I discovered these techniques, solved my weight problem and went on to help others. I lost 140 pounds pretty quickly once I "got it" and I've kept it off since, over 25 years, without too much difficulty. Diet and exercise binges never helped. They left me frustrated, and then eating with gusto. Permanent change of habitual behavior is the key to permanent weight loss, but it's not simply a matter of will power or making up your mind. There is a method to it.

William Anderson, LMHC, author of 'The Anderson Method', www.TheAndersonMethod.com


There is a bit more to a Macrobiotic Diet than, "no processed or refined foods and little (if any) animal products with a heavy focus on grains and local vegetables and fruits." That is merely a healthy diet.

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