12 Three-Ingredient Cocktails That Won’t Kill Your Diet

With cocktails, more ingredients often means more sugar and less healthiness

Minted Mexican Mules are just one of many simple, (fairly) healthy cocktails included on this list.

With warm weather just around the corner (get it over with already, you March and April showers), many people are looking to not only look good but feel good as well. The shining sun welcomes spring cocktail parties and myriad other social events at which to see and be seen, and you may find yourself struggling to decide between having a drink or sticking to your diet. Just like there’s a place for beer in a healthy diet, there’s also a way to enjoy cocktails that isn’t going to put you 600 empty calories’ worth of sugar over your ideal daily intake.

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Beers and wines benefit from the fact that they are what they are. Unless you’re making some sort of beer-based float, when you drink a beer you’re generally not adding any external ingredients to your beverage. The same goes for wine — but unfortunately the term cocktail explicitly requires ingredients to be added to booze.

There are plenty of low-calorie cocktail recipes, but, in general, a lot of familiar cocktails include added sugars your body really doesn’t need. We thought that gathering some simple cocktail recipes that don’t include enough sugar to rot your teeth with one sip would be appreciated.


These drinks require no more than three ingredients each (excluding garnishes). Your next spring shindig may be tastier, less guilt-inspiring, and more enjoyable if you make one of these simple, healthy cocktails. Click ahead to see 12 Three-Ingredient Cocktails That Won’t Kill Your Diet.