10 Nutritionists Weigh In on Donald Trump's Diet

And there are some concerns
Donald Trump


Here’s what 10 doctors and nutritionists think about Donald Trump’s diet

Since his January 20th inauguration, everything about Donald Trump’s presidency has been controversial, and to say that the public is concerned would be a gross understatement. But at the end of the day, we are all Americans, and the health of our president is of the utmost importance in preserving the stability of the nation.

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In this regard, Donald Trump’s diet may be one of the most frightening things about him. He has been photographed in front of a bucket of KFC fried chicken (with knife and fork in hand!), a massive "Hispanic" taco bowl, and other less than salutary meal choices. He loves fast food, and not just for the way it tastes. Trump is convinced that sanitation measures at fast-food chains are superior to those at other eating establishments (he presumably hasn't patronized Chipotle, which has famously had serious problems in that regard). The president is also a teetotaler, but has an apparent obsession with Diet Coke, which comes with its own set of issues.

Trump's longtime personal physician, the shaggy-haired (and apparently time-traveling) Harold Bornstein, MD, famously decreed that he is "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency" — but at least some nutritionists and doctors are worried that the president’s diet fails to provide him with the nutrients required to maintain a consistent level of stamina and continued good health. Now that Trump is no longer on the road constantly campaigning, and is back in his three current homes (in midtown Manhattan, Palm Beach, and, oh, yeah, that White House thing), it will be interesting to see if he begins to eat more healthily.


Meanwhile, here’s what 10 doctors and nutritionists think about Donald Trump’s diet, based on what we've seen in newspaper and television accounts and on the president's own Twitter feed.