Fruit and Flowers Make Easy, Chic Décor

Add fruit slices to a flower arrangement for a citrusy twist

So simple and chic, we can't believe we didn't think of it first. After seeing one citrus-bright flower arrangement from the latest issue of The Party Dress, we knew just how to update a spring bouquet: throw in some fruit.

Our favorite arrangements use tangerines, kumquats, apples, and other citrus fruits like lemons. The combination can easily be used at a springtime wedding, baby shower, or brunch (and save some leftover for a recipe, like ginger lime salmon or lime agave shrimp skewers). Even cranberries can brighten up a holiday floral arrangement.

Some tips for making it work: Consider your colors carefully. A white or cream flower, like hydrangeas, easily matches any brightly fruit. Or, try contrasting colors; a combination of green Granny Smith apples and pink hydrangeas or irises can play off of each other. HGTV recommends a larger hurricane vase for taller arrangements; use flowers with longer stems, like tulips, and use the whole fruit to anchor the flowers in the vase. For sliced fruits, like lemons and limes, The Party Dress recommends using two vases — one smaller than the other, so that it can fit comfortably inside the larger one — and placing the slices in between the two.

Now all that's left is to plan the party and get ready for spring.