# Olive Garden

Darden's CEO who decided to sell Red Lobster will step down later in 2014 after the company finds a replacement
The Italian chain hopes to make their restaurants more appealing
Darden has sold its struggling seafood chain to a private equity firm
Olive Garden Introduces more lunch items and pasta customization program in an attempt to turn around faltering sales
Now, tipping for large parties at restaurants like Olive Garden and Red Lobster might be optional
After much backlash, Darden decides to stick with full-time employees
Obamacare forces restaurant owners to take a long, hard look at rising labor costs
In an interview with MTV, Emma Watson talks about how stressed out she was about Olive Garden. Aww, tourists!
Let's give the irony a rest and let Hagerty get back to Red Lobster
The founder of USA Today will honor the Grand Forks Herald dining critic Oct. 4