Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass Sold Out Instantly

Last year, Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass sold out in less than one second. And if you can believe it, the 2019 edition sold out even quicker. All 24,000 passes were snatched up instanteously after going on sale, including 50 of its first-ever Lifetime Pasta Passes, according to a company representative.

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OG's coveted Pasta Pass has granted diners unlimited pasta for a set period since it first launched in 2014. This year's edition gives carb lovers an insane amount of noodles, sauces, toppings, soup, salad and breadsticks for a one-time fee of $100. The promotion lasts from September 23 through November 24. 

New this year is the Lifetime Pasta Pass, which grants consumers the same perks for an added fee of $400. To get it, people first had to buy the regular Pasta Pass, and then opt-in for the lifetime option. In total, 85 percent of purchasers claimed it (that's a whopping 20,400 people), but only 50 people were granted the honor.

If you aren't a passholder, you can still get food on the cheap at Olive Garden starting September 23, when the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion kicks off. All guests have the option of ordering unlimited servings of their favorite pasta, sauce and toppings, plus soup or salad and breadsticks, starting at $10.99 per person. You can always take that $100 you were going to spend and treat yourself to something special at one of America's 50 best Italian restaurants.