# Olive Garden

Olive Garden is getting trendy with the launch of a food truck fleet designed to promote its new breadstick sandwiches
Olive Garden announced that they will turn their most famous appetizer into parmigiana breadstick sandwiches
In an attempt to stay on top, America's number-one Italian chain has lots of ideas
Courtnee Dean alleges that she was abruptly fired from her longtime position after revealing her pregnancy
It’s not easy to eat healthy at the Italian chain
It IS possible to salt your pasta water without ruining your pots
We wish him luck on the difficult journey ahead.

It just goes to show, you don’t have to be a five-star restaurant to get a positive newspaper review. (Photo ModifiedFlickr/Mike Mozart)

You can criticize the not-so-al-dente pasta, but don’t touch our breadsticks!

49 days of endless pasta? That’s a whole lot of carbs.