# India

It looks like Pizza Rat has some competition
The chef performed the marathon on a stage in front of the public
Google’s new app Areo just launched in India, and it combines the convenience of Seamless with other service-scheduling apps
Panasonic’s new washing machine has a cycle to remove curry stains
Emmanuel Marshall successfully traveled from Edinburgh to India just by giving out 120 cans of beer
Scientist Narayana Peesapaty creates edible spoons made from sorghum
KFC Philippines and India sell a pizza with a crust made out of fried chicken called the ‘Chizza’
Initiative helps ensure leftovers won’t go to waste
Lab testing has found that the meat over which a Muslim man was killed came from a goat, not a cow, as was originally believed
A Muslim has been killed by religious vigilantes in India under suspicion of stealing a cow