# Gay

The owner of a Colorado bake shop declined to make a wedding cake because of his religious beliefs
Richard Hammond, host of Amazon’s ‘Grand Tour,’ equated ice cream with being gay on the show
US marine vet and his boyfriend are asked to quit with the PDA in a Port Orange restaurant in Florida
A Northern California bakery has come under fire for baking a cake depicting Ken wearing a pink ball gown and flower sash
Jordan Brown’s photo of a Whole Foods cake made with an anti-gay slur in icing went viral: Turns out it was fake
A teenage British girl was kicked out of the women’s restroom in a McDonald’s for looking like a boy
A North Carolina waitress has revealed that customers tipped her with a Bible verse that calls for the death of gay people
The Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association protests anti-LGBT law with ‘Everyone’s Welcome Here’ campaign
Protests are underway in Vienna, where a waiter at a café refused to serve a lesbian couple because they were kissing
Protestors held their own “kiss-in” at a Spanish Burger King after a gay couple was kicked out for kissing