Patriotic-Themed Restaurant Asks Gay Couple To Stop Being Affectionate

A patriotic-themed restaurant called Original First turn Steakhouse in Port Orange, Florida, is making headlines after asking a gay couple to stop being affectionate when they were spotted by other customers holding hands and kissing. They were pulled to the side by a manager and asked to quit it.

"Kissing on the lips, hugging, holding each other. Just being like a normal straight couple, and they were pretty much offended by it," James Lacey, a U.S. Marine veteran, told Click Orlando. "She [the manager] said some of the customers were complaining about our PDA and were offended. The manager told us that it's not welcomed here. That's ridiculous. I truly feel it's because we're a gay couple."

After the incident, Lacey, his boyfriend, and their group of friends decided to leave.

A restaurant manager told Click Orlando that they never once told Lacey that he and his boyfriend were not welcome in the restaurant.

"We don't discriminate against anybody," the manager said. "We never have and never will. Safety and comfort for all our customers is top priority."