# free pizza

An Arizona hiker had to be rescued by a search-and-rescue team after he got hypothermia from climbing a mountain for free pizza
Pizza to the Polls is donating free pizzas to any uber-long Election Day polling lines: You can donate money or request food
A study from a British psychologist found that employees will work harder for a food-based reward than a monetary one
The catch? You need a Pepsi bottle with a pizza emoji
Uber is celebrating five years of operation in New York City with discount rides and free pizza
Pizza Hut enlisted a Princeton professor to write three math problems: If you can solve them, you get 3.14 years of free pizza
Participating restaurants are giving away 10 free pizzas for each qualifying customer
If you can help local authorities track down the burglar, you can get pizza any time you want for a year, for free
If your first, middle, or last name is Howard or Howie, you can get a free pizza
Man Gets Free Pizza for a Year After Starting Feud Between Two Cell Carriers