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After the tweet went viral, people called for a boycott of the company’s services
Amazon adds restaurant ordering to Alexa’s long list of capabilities for Amazon Echo products
Now you can order food, book an appointment, or order movie tickets on Facebook
Give the gift everbody really wants: food delivery
The company, Deliveroo, will partner with Majestic and BrewDog to deliver wine and beer across the UK
Four European delivery companies will begin to use the technology, potentially permanently altering the food delivery business
Announcement comes two days after Uber shuts down its UberEATS Instant Delivery
Foodora is a new food delivery service in Australia that also offers literal doggy bags for your canine friends
Witness who took a video capturing the incident asks, ‘Is delivering a sandwich really worth it?’
World’s largest online food delivery platform hopes the new technology will give it an edge over competitors