French Fries Top Uber Eats List Of The Most-Ordered Foods Amid Coronavirus

With more people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the way people are getting their food has changed, especially as restaurants and bars have shut their doors. If you're not the type who enjoys making bread from scratch or you're just tired of eating whatever is in the pantry, you're probably going to rely on delivery services to settle your cravings. But what are people eating right now?

Every Chain and Service Offering Free Delivery Right Now

According to data provided by Uber Eats for the month of March, the most-ordered dish right now in America is an obvious one: french fries. Fries are a classic staple side that you can find at practically any restaurant and rank among the most iconic fast food dishes of all time. They also make the perfect side for everything from burgers to Buffalo wings to grilled cheese sandwiches

Other dishes on the most popular list from Uber Eats include pad thai, garlic naan bread, chicken tikka masala and wings.

What are people drinking? Soda is at the top of the list for the most ordered beverage. The most-ordered soup is miso soup, and the most-ordered dessert is tiramisu. 

If people don't have a smartphone, they can still get their french fry fix via delivery. Uber Eats has launched an initiative for older adults and anyone without access to a smartphone to be able to use their services by dialing 1-833-USE-UBER to get food delivered. This feature launched in Miami and New York and will continue to roll out in in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, the NYC suburbs, New Jersey, Arizona and Florida.

Making home-cooked meals every day can be great, but eventually, it can be exhausting. Ordering delivery can be a way to relieve the stress of cooking every night. Here's what delivery food America is ordering during the coronavirus pandemic.