# food delivery

Because waking up to $1 pizza remnants wasn’t embarrassing enough
Hotels have been experimenting with partnerships to solve their food service dilemmas
Facebook is testing out a food delivery service that can be accessed directly through the website or app
The study found gaps in meal kits regarding ‘pathogens, packaging, labeling, and cold-chain integrity’
The latest integrations also include services from Uber and Groupon
The feature can be used on devices such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV, or Fire tablet
The meal delivery service pulled data to find the trendiest tacos in America
Google’s new app Areo just launched in India, and it combines the convenience of Seamless with other service-scheduling apps
Marble and Yelp Eat24 have teamed up to create an army of takeout-delivering robots only in San Francisco (for now)
JoyRun connects hungry users with ‘runners’ who are already heading to your restaurant of choice and tacks on your order