Fourth of July Foods in Stars and Stripes

These patriotic foods are ready to celebrate with you

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Start off your Independence Day with this patriotic waffle

The Fourth of July is a perfect reason to get as patriotic as possible. You’re already decking out your home in red, white and blue decorations and you have your party menu all planned out. You’ve even made some patriotic drinks for all your guests. Whether you’re doing a barbecue or throwing an Independence Day Picnic, you’re ready to celebrate the birth of our nation.

The American Flag is the ultimate symbol of our nation. The stars and stripes remind us of our history. So this year, incorporate the flag into some of your party foods.

Flag Cake

A flag cake is a perfect way to give your party a patriotic flare. Everyone at your party will appreciate this tasty treat at the end of their meal. Plus the fresh fruit makes everything better.

(Flickr/David Farquhar)

Patriotic Tuna Sandwich

This sandwich goes above and beyond the rest in showing pride for our nation. Not only is it a hearty meal, but it also has an American flag on it. Talk about dedication.

(Flickr/Jocelyn McAuley)

Stars and Stripes Waffle

If you’re throwing a Fourth of July brunch, or even if you’re just having regular old breakfast, this waffle is awesome for Independence Day. It uses fresh fruit to make a flag design that’s cute and delicious.

(Flickr/Casey Bisson)

Red, White and Blue Daquiri

Daquiris are a refreshing cocktail for hot days. By adding a little whipped cream and a star fruit garnish, this drink is taken to the next level. It’s a cute drink to serve to your guests, or enjoy on your own.

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