DIY Garden Ideas, Craft Ideas And More Top Pinterest Searches During Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying at home and practicing social distancing are important steps people are taking to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. And as more people work from home and assimilate to the new norm of quarantine, creative ideas to stay entertained are popping up all over the internet.

Pinterest, an image sharing and social media site, has gathered information on the trends that people have been searching for on its site from late February to late April in four week periods. From indoor activities for kids stuck at home to recipes for delicious home-cooked meals, these are the top-searched trends on Pinterest.

Virtual sleepover ideas

If you're working from home with kids, sometimes it can be very distracting. With schools closed, parents are seeking ways to help keep their little ones entertained. Pinterest has seen a 799% rise in searches for virtual sleepovers to help kids keep up with their friends.

Kids virtual birthday party

Though it may feel harder to keep track of time, the days are still passing by, and many people have had to cancel plans and instead celebrate birthdays in quarantine. There have been 26 times as many searches on Pinterest for how to throw a fun kids' birthday party while in coronavirus quarantine.

Free virtual field trips

Even though they are stuck at home, parents want to help keep their kids creatively and educationally stimulated. Since visiting a zoo or botanical garden isn't currently an option, searches for free virtual field trips are up by 183%. Here are some famous landmarks and museums around the world you can explore virtually with your child.

Stained glass windows DIY for kids

Now is a great time to start looking into a new hobby or DIY project that can be done at home. That's exactly what parents are looking for on Pinterest. The site has seen 82 times more searches for DIY stained glass window projects to do with kids.

Sidewalk chalk obstacle course for kids

Being stuck inside and sitting around all day can be harmful to your physical health. That's why people are looking for creative ways to maintain their health and fitness while at home, like free online workout classes. It is also important to keep your kids physically active. There have been 16 times as many searches for sidewalk chalk obstacle courses for kids on Pinterest during this time.

Triangle wall paint

While you're deep-cleaning your home, now might be a great opportunity to finally commit to redecorating or switching up things in the house. People are letting their creative juices flow by finally sprucing up their boring white walls. There have been 12 times as many searches for a minimalist wall art trend like triangle wall paint.

Accent wall dots

There are plenty of cool online classes you can take right now to fill time in quarantine, including painting and art classes. And you might be inspired to transfer your newfound art skills from a small canvas to a bigger one — your wall. Pinterest has seen 14.5 times more searches on accent wall dots to spice up boring walls.

Electrical tape wall art

While you're trying to figure out how to spend your time at home, it might be a good time to start organizing your bookshelf or decluttering your closet. But if you're looking for something to change up your home, you can begin an extensive art project. There have been 13 times as many searches for electric tape wall art during coronavirus quarantine.

Collage wall prints

Quarantine has made people think out of the box to find ways to keep themselves from being bored. People are following the trends of making their own bread from scratch or attempting to recreate dalgona coffee. Another trend on Pinterest has been a 705% rise in searches on how to make collage wall prints.

Garden wall art

Maybe it's time for your garden to get a makeover too. You can repurpose household items to help you decorate, such as a sauce jar as a flower pot. Or you can follow the trend of decorating the walls or fences around your garden. There has been a 360% increase in searches on garden wall art in the U.K. alone.

Deck renovation ideas

As the weather begins to become warmer, people are thinking about refreshing their outside areas. On Pinterest, there has been a 97% increase in searches for deck renovation ideas. Before you get started on your renovations, try following these DIY home maintenance tips.

Backyard renovation ideas

There are some home maintenance projects you probably shouldn't do yourself. But renovating your backyard should be easy enough to handle and makes a great activity that can involve the kids. There have been 98% more searches on backyard renovation ideas in the past few months.

DIY small patio ideas on a budget

One of the most important things you might be considering right now is how to save money while in coronavirus quarantine. That's why it's no surprise that people are looking for things to do themselves on a budget. There has been a whopping 658% increase in searches for budget DIY projects for a small patio.

Budget garden inspiration ideas

Many people are searching for the most affordable ideas to get their garden looking beautiful to welcome spring flowers. This trend has shot up 528% in Pinterest searches. If you or your kids are testing out your green thumb for the first time, these are the best plants for rookie gardeners.

Outdoor pallet bar DIY

A smart addition to an outdoor patio or garden would be a place to get refreshments after a long day of yard work. People are looking up how to make their own outdoor pallet bar. Pinterest has seen a 105% increase in searches for that idea. While you're researching, you should also read up on how to curate your own bar cart according to mixologists.

Outdoor pallet coffee table

More people are learning how to make coffee at home, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to drink your morning cup of joe while getting some fresh air on your patio or in your backyard? That's why people are looking up ideas to make their own outdoor pallet coffee table. There has been a 448% increase in search for coffee table ideas.

Homemade fettuccine noodles

People are becoming more interested in cooking now that they are spending more time at home. That includes trying to make tasty creations with ingredients from their pantry. Pinterest has found that people are trying to bring home some of the tastes of their favorite Italian restaurants by making homemade fettuccine noodles. There is a 471% increase in searches for recipes on how to make this pasta.

Ohana Noodle recipe

It's hard during this time to travel to beautiful islands and enjoy the local cuisines or even to travel to the happiest place on Earth. But you can bring the flavors of the islands and of the Disney parks to your home through the Pinterest recipes for Ohana Noodles, a dish famous among Disney insiders that is served at Walt Disney World's Polynesian Village Resort. Searches for this recipe have gone up by 320%.

Beef ramen noodles

On your next trip to the grocery store, try stocking up on some ramen noodles. People are searching for ways to recreate or spice up their ramen at home. Searches for beef ramen noodle recipes have gone up 320% on Pinterest.

Biang biang noodles

With the closure of some of the best restaurants across the country, people are craving their favorite dishes from around the world. There is a spike in searches for making biang biang noodles at home by 113%.

Noodle kugel recipe

If you're looking for recipes to use some of your leftover pasta, noodle kugel is one great idea. On Pinterest, there has been a 284% increase in people searching for recipes to make noodle kugel at home.

Green asparagus noodle recipe