Everything You Need To Know About Tomatoes Slideshow

Fried Green Tomato Pizza

You may think there's nothing better than a fried green tomato at the peak of their season, but that's until you try them topped on a cheesey, gooey pizza

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Heirloom Tomato Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella and Toasted Pine Nuts

Chef Daniel Humm creates a fancy version of this salad at his award-winning restaurant Eleven Madison Park, but this recipe dresses it down to make it easy for you to serve at your next summer gathering.

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Herb-Marinated Buffalo Mozzarella and Tomato Salad

Here's a delicious starter that's a twist on the traditional Italian Caprese salad. Like an Italian with an exotic accent. People can get rather anxious about meddling with the purity of real, fresh buffalo mozzarella (not least because it can be a bit pricey) but we assure you that you won't regret this meddle.

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New York-Style Pizza Sauce

9 Time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani uses canned tomatoes in his pizza sauce recipe, but you can easily swap in the season's best for a richer, more flavorful result.

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San Marzano Ketchup

Got leftover tomatoes this season? This homemade ketchup topping this sandwich is a fun way to use your surplus; just swap in fresh tomatoes for the San Marzanos called for in the recipe.

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Tomato, String Bean, and Artichoke Salad

Loaded with fresh herbs, this is a refreshing summer salad when you've overdone the tomato and mozzarella thing. Adding day-old chunks of toasted bread brushed with olive oil makes it a great version of panzanella.

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Early Girl Tomato Soup

Often it seems like tomato soups don't taste anything like an actual tomato — the tomatoes are roasted or stewed into a soup that is so far from the starting main ingredient. I like using Early Girl tomatoes for this recipe because they cook really quickly and have a fresh, bright flavor, but you can use any mix or assortment of tomatoes you have on hand. This soup has a great creamy texture without adding any cream.

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Tomato and Watermelon Skewers

Tomato and watermelon are an unlikely pair to many, but the juicy, refreshing fruits could not go better together. This skewer recipe makes it fun and easy to serve the two as a side dish or an appetizer. Chef José Andrés uses tomato seeds in this recipe, but suggests cherry tomatoes as a substitution.

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Summer Tomato Pie Recipe

This is, hands down, my favorite way to use summer tomatoes. While it does require the use of an oven (I know, I know), it's totally worth it. Serve this as a side with steak and you'll have a whole new meaning of what a summer tomato is.

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