What How You Eat Your Pizza Says About You

You may think there's only one way to eat a slice of pizza. You put it in your mouth, right? Oh no, you're very wrong. On the October 10 episode of Kelly & Ryan, we learned that Kelly Ripa eats her pizza crust first in order to eat delicious bread and not fill up on cheese and sauce. It totally and completely baffled us, like, who does that? And why? And what does it say about a person that they would choose to forego the deliciousness of cheese, sauce, and pepperoni in order to munch on relatively tasteless bread?

But that got us on The Daily Meal staff wondering: There are many ways to slice a pizza, but how many ways are there to eat a pizza? We broke it down and figured out that there are really about six ways to eat a pizza. But then we wondered what deeper meaning can be assigned to your pizza eating personality? So we figured it out for you:

Pick it up and eat it


You don't like to overthink things in life. You see a goal (or a hot slice of pizza), and you just go for it. Why complicate things?

Fork and knife


You're a member of the bourgeoisie, aren't you? Or you certainly like to feel classy and you don't want to risk getting pizza grease or sauce on your dress shirt. It's either this or you have sensitive teeth.

Fold and eat


You're the practical sort. You don't like to make a mess or a fuss out of anything, and you're on top of your pizza eating etiquette.

Roll and eat


You're an innovator. You see a perfect product and you just decide it could be even better! Why not roll this up like a burrito?

Pick off the toppings and leave the crust


You're either gluten intolerant or you just know how to appreciate the finer things in life. Why fill up on crust when you can revel in the marvels of cheese, sauce, and pepperoni?

Crust first


You're a monster and need to be stopped. No, seriously, you probably just love bread like Kelly.

But no matter how you slice it (or eat it), I think we can all agree that pizza is incredible, especially the 101 best pizzas in America.