Fold Your Pizza In Half? That Means You’re Driven: Study Says Pizza-Eating Style Reveals Personality


These two pizza-folders are clearly driven and competitive.

“What Does Your Pizza-Eating Style Say About You?” may sound like a cheesy quiz to share on social media, but according to Patti Wood, an Emory University researcher and self-proclaimed body language expert, almost everything you do is indicative of some element of your personality, and yes, that includes how you eat pizza.Wood’s methodology is based on the age-old DISC psychological assessment tool that separates people into four distinct groups.

Here’s how she breaks down pizza-eating habits for Cosmopolitan Magazine. If you’re a “folder,” you are likely driven, and are competitive by nature. You’re also a “take-charge” kind of person and won’t waste time by eating terrible pizza or using a knife and fork. Eating the crust first indicates that you’re dramatic, talk loudly, and seek attention. You may also be a pizza hipster. If you cut your pizza with a fork and knife, then congratulations: You’re probably steady, stable, and methodical in most of your daily actions. Probably the most common pizza-eating technique is just straight up biting it. If you’re a biter, you’re a “careful corrector” and “like to go with what you know works so you're certain to get it right every time.”


You should probably take these personality assessments with a grain of Parmigiano-Reggiano, but they’re fun to imagine nonetheless.