What The British Royal Family Really Eats At Home

What the British Royal Family Really Eats at Home

There's no denying that the British Royal family does spend many days and evenings eating formal, five-course meals, with the world's most influential and famous as their guests. Seated at long tables, served on silver platters, drinking the finest wines from the palace's cellars is how many of the royal family's dinners are enjoyed, but not all of them. When the members of the royal family are alone, having a quiet night in without any guests to impress, caviar, truffles, and foie gras aren't the norm. Instead, there will be roast chicken, bowls of salad, and perfectly soft-boiled eggs.

Bangers and Mash

The classic British meal of sausages and mashed potatoes is popular in all the royal households. Obviously, the sausages should come from Prince Charles' estate. We know that Prince Charles loves grilling outside, so in the warmer months, we hope he cooks those sausages himself on his grill in the palace gardens.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

The Queen loves chocolate, and Prince William and Prince Harry seem to have inherited this gene. The Queen's favorite cake to have alongside her afternoon cup of tea is this classic chocolate biscuit cake. Both Prince William and Prince Harry have fond childhood memories of making and eating this sweet treat. In fact, this cake is so important to Prince William that he served this simple chocolate cake as his groom's cake at his wedding.

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Chocolate Mousse

The Queen often just has fresh fruit for dessert, but if chocolate mousse is offered, she can't resist. As an undeniable chocolate addict, this is one of the Queen's all-time favorite desserts.

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Eggs and Crumpets

While the Queen eats a slice of chocolate biscuit cake for tea, you'll find Prince Charles digging into an egg served on a crumpet at the same time. He insists that the egg be perfectly cooked, and the crumpet carefully toasted: A lot of work goes into this mid-afternoon snack.

Eton Mess

When at the royal Scottish estate Balmoral during the summer months, the royal family makes the most of the estate's ripe, delicate strawberries. If not eaten as they are, they tend to be transformed into Eton mess, a popular British dessert made of smashed meringues, whipped cream, and strawberries.

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Fresh Fruit

When not hosting a state dinner, the royal family tends to eat clean, healthy food. This means a rich dessert is not served every day. Instead, most meals end with a selection of fresh, seasonal, and organic fruit.

Golden Treacle Tarts

When he was younger, Prince Harry used to sneak down to the kitchens to ask the cooks for a golden treacle tart. The cook knew how much he loved them, so always had a supply on hand to please the Prince's sugar cravings.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Lunch for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh often consists of a bowl of grilled chicken salad. So much of their lives is spent entertaining and hosting that they try to eat healthily whenever the opportunity arises.

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Grilled Sole and Vegetables

On a night off, the Queen and Prince Philip don't dig into another rich, hearty meal of roast beef, lobster, and soufflés. Instead, they try to stay away from starchy carbohydrates, and tend to have a beautiful piece of elegantly grilled fish with some local vegetables.

Homemade Fish Fingers

The younger generations of royalty aren't complete strangers to the foods most kids eat, but the version they're used to differs from the rest of us. Frozen fish fingers are not seen inside Buckingham Palace, however a homemade version has always been popular with the royal children.

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Irish Stew

In the winter months, a comforting bowl of Irish stew regularly appears at the British royals' dining table. This hearty dinner is filling, satisfying, and is typically made with meat and vegetables from their own royal estates.

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Lovage Soup

The royal family hates food waste, and won't let anything edible be thrown away. As a result, they make the most of everything that is grown on their land. Prince Charles has a vast amount of lovage growing at his home, so bowl after bowl of lovage soup is enjoyed throughout the spring and early summer.

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Pheasant Rissoles

Prince Charles loves hunting and shooting, so game, such as pheasant, quail, and duck, are regularly enjoyed by the royals. To make sure none of the roast pheasant goes to waste, the meat is transformed into crunchy, delicious rissoles by the kitchen staff, and served as an appetizer the next day.

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Pots of Tea

It comes as no surprise that every member of the royal family loves a perfectly brewed cup of tea. They opt for proper English breakfast tea in the morning and early afternoon, and fresh mint tea after dinner.

Roast Chicken

Every British royal household loves serving a perfect roast chicken for dinner. Nothing beats this classic dish, which is comforting, fairly healthy, and popular with all the family.

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Shepherd’s Pie

Leftover roast lamb or minced lamb is often used to make a Shepherd's pie. While Prince William claims that his Shepherd's pie is unbeatable, this dish is loved by everyone, and is often made by William, Kate, and the royal kitchen staff.

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Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

If she's treating herself, the Queen will move away from her usual healthy breakfast cereal and allow herself a plate of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. If she's been gifted any truffles recently, a few shavings of them will be dusted on top for an indulgent start to the day.

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Soft-Boiled Eggs

Prince Charles is well known for his particularity about his soft-boiled eggs. Rumor has it that he is served seven eggs every morning, and chooses the one which has been cooked best. However, he has denied this when questioned. What we do know is that he has a soft-boiled egg, cooked for four minutes, every morning.

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Special K

When not indulging in truffle-topped smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, the Queen will have a bowl of Special K for breakfast. She demands that the cereal be kept sealed in a Tupperware container to stop it from going stale: The royal way to start the day isn't so different from ours.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Kate Middleton is an advocate of healthy, organic, seasonal eating. But her favorite dessert is a sticky toffee pudding. This rich, sweet dessert is a British classic, so is perfectly suited to be a royal's favorite treat.                                

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Sunday Roast

After church every Sunday morning, the Queen, Prince Philip, and any other visiting family members will sit down to a proper Sunday roastRoast beef, lamb, or game will take center stage, and will be accompanied by Yorkshire puddingsroast potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.

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