Wedding Cake Of The Day (Slideshow)

Scrabble Cake

Every couple has their thing. Whether it is watching movies, going out to dinner, or hosting game nights, there is something every couple bonds over. For this couple, it was clearly the fabulous board game Scrabble. Using tiles to spell out their affections, Pink Cake Box created this word-smith loving wedding cake inspired by this couple's favorite hobby. The wiry letter tiles are a great added touch of whimsy.

Crane Cake

This amazing wedding cake, created by Cheryl's Catering & Cakes, is special for more than just the confection itself. While the actual cake may be humble it's decorations are far from subtle. These origami paper cranes were folded by the bride and her bridal party to create a good luck charm for her wedding day. We love how they elegantly cascade down the side of the cake and how bold and vibrant the use of color is!

Green Spring Cake

To celebrate the arrival of spring and wedding season officially, we found this gorgeous spring-inspired wedding cake shot by Image Artz Photography. This cake is artistically adorned with blades of wispy grass, a striking green color, and accented with pretty in pink blossoms. The lily pad topper is an excellent adornment and truly gives this wedding cake the romantic air it is trying to capture. For either the eco-friendly couple or one who just loves "being green," this adorable wedding cake is a match made in heaven for you! 

Tim Burton Cakes

Filmmaker Tim Burton's characters have always been an amazing influence on pop culture. So much so they are making an appearance on people's wedding days! We found these two cakes, which depict The Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie, by Black Cherry Cake Company are the perfect combination of romantic and slightly creepy. Perfect for Halloween, these three-tiered cakes have an exquisite amount of detail that really capture the artistry of the original characters.

Cheez-it Cake

When chef Stephanie Izard wed craft-beer consultant Gary Valentine on Oct. 6, it was obvious to them that they had to have an outstanding cake. The couple called on the expertise of Mathew Rice, a pastry chef at Girl & the Goat, to make them a cake no one would ever forget.One layer was Strawberry Nesquik and chocolate marble with a bacon buttercream frosting and the other layer was "Cheez-It cake": chocolate ganache with peanut butter and chocolate-covered Cheez-Its. The cake was said to be inspired by Izard's love of the cheesy snack. We definitely love how this couple made their cake their own for their special day!

Adventure Cake

Heading into a lifelong martial commitment is definitely akin to venturing into the great unknown. This is the perfect cake for a couple who loves exploring the world hand-in-hand. We love that each of the tiers are loaded with amazing details, like his-and-hers suitcases. From the stamps on the suitcases to the unbelievably lifelike camera, this cake perfectly captures a couple's adventurous spirit. We also love that the happy couple is sitting in a hot air balloon as an adorable cake topper. Thanks to The Butterfly Bake Shop  for sharing and we wish this couple many fun times together!

Retro Candy Cake

What could be sweeter than a romantic wedding? Easy: a romantic wedding featuring a cake loaded with candy décor! U.K.-based bakeshop Cakey Bakey Wedding Cakes used retro sweets to create a delicious, sugar-filled cake that is perfect for a couple with a serious sweet tooth. 

Not only is this cake simply beautiful, but it also has a ton of potential to be completely customizable by including a couple's favorite candy!

For this and other amazing wedding cake ideas, check out the accompanying slideshow. From fairy-tale castle cakes to themed movie cakes, there's a cake for everyone.

Butterfly Cake

Butterflies are some of nature's most delicate and beautiful creatures. Ancient folklore popularly recognizes butterflies as symbols of the soul, and what could be more romantic than the unity of two souls in marriage? These gorgeous cakes from Wedding Cakes by Helena perfectly portray that romantic divinity in confectionary form. We are in awe of the intricate detail in each butterfly wing and the fragility of the design in both of these amazing wedding cakes.

Dragon Cake

Chasing this dragon is completely worth it for a couple who is truly in love. When you decide to get married, you want a cake that oozes personality and is so hot it practically breathes fire. This wedding cake, submitted by cakelava, features a fierce, sugary character that inspires awe for its striking color and beautiful craftsmanship. We love how this beautiful piece combines a modern tiered cake with a huge piece of personality coiled around it.

Feathered Accessory

Though the trends for wedding cakes seem to tend toward extremes, either overly traditional or wildly eccentric, you aren't prohibited from elegantly blending both. A great example of putting a modern twist on a classic design is Haute So Sweet's feathery design. This simple, three-tiered cake is completely versatile and functional for any themed wedding. Its striking simplicity is perfect for a bride and groom who are looking to add just a little bit of flare to their big day!

VooDoo Wedding Cake

A backyard wedding can be anything but conventional. After all, who needs cake when you have donuts? This creative couple was looking for more than your average slice of cake for their wedding. So they called on famous Voodoo Doughnut Shop in Portland, Ore., to provide a variety of their tastiest treats. They are artfully stacked on a wooden pedestal tier that is perfect for a rustic cabin wedding!

Vintage Wedding Cake

It is obvious today that wedding cakes are nothing short of truly artistic feats. From the creative to the downright crazy, we have come a long way from plain white cakes. But taking a trip through time and looking at this vintage cake reveals an interesting find. This cake was served at the wedding of Jessie Woodrow Wilson, daughter of former President Wilson, who married Francis Bowes Sayre in a White House ceremony on Nov. 25, 1913 . What is interesting about this picture is the unique cake topper. Instead of the typical bride and groom, there is a full crystal vase with blooming flowers smack in the middle of the cake! Even vintage cake-makers were pushing boundaries with what they had.

Unleash the Kraken

When the Custom Cake Design bakery was asked to create a confection perfect for a pirate-themed wedding, they dreamed up this impressive (albeit slightly terrifying) killer Kraken design. This unique design is beautifully executed with an immense attention to detail in the ship and the sea creature. 

We are pretty sure this cake is only for true seafaring folk, but it could be a cool idea to consider for a wedding themed around anything from pirates to H.P. Lovecraft!

Plenty of Fish

We all know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when you are searching for your soul mate, sometimes you aren't sure which bait to use. Many people are turning to dating sites like Plenty of Fish to help get their catch. It definitely worked for this couple, as they called The Designer Cake Company to create this interesting beauty for their wedding day. The cake itself is chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache, and the fish is Madagascan vanilla sponge with vanilla bean buttercream.

Steampunk Wedding Cake

Some couples just get how their loved one ticks. For those that who appreciate the finer inner workings of a relationship (and those who are into sci-fi) Austin Cake Ball gives you their steampunk cake. This stylized cake was inspired by the sub- genre of science fiction that features steam- powered machinery for a very industrial feel. Their use of metallic colors and tiny cogs are perfectly accentuated by the delicate, themed butterflies that make up this gorgeous cake ball wedding cake.

A Toast to Wine Lovers

This multi-tiered ode to wine lovers everywhere from Pastry Chik Custom Cakes is unbelievably sculpted and made with an insane attention to detail. The wine bottle was constructed with sugar and there is modeling chocolate on an entire cake layer.Complete with a caviar detail and a personalized the Parmigiano-Reggiano wheel with the couple's wedding date, this beautiful cake was perfect for a vineyard wedding. Plus, who could resist the opportunity to have adorable bride and groom mice for untraditional wedding cake-toppers?

The Beatles Wedding Cake

It does not get any more classic than The Beatles. They need no introduction — they are the epitome of both feel-good music and spiritually altering tunes. Gimme Some Sugar constructed this beautiful cake to capture this couple's love of the band and their love of, well, love! This three-tiered cake is decked out in groovy accents and has the iconic yellow submarine as a unique, edible cake-topper. 

Patriotic Cake

Show your American pride off with a patriotic wedding cake. This one, baked by Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia, was for Ralph Archbold and Linda Wilde. The couple even portrayed Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross in Old City Philadelphia with  Mayor Michael Nutter presiding over the wedding! The top two tiers are chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and the bottom tier is vanilla buttermilk cake with lemon buttercream. White fondant with gingham ribbon trim and decorations made of layered paper are pinned to the cake for a real star-spangled feel.

Travel Cake

For the couple who is satisfied to only settle down in terms of their relationship, this travel cake may be an inspiration to you. Sweet as Sugar artfully designed this cake to make the tiers look like suitcases and adorned it with passports, planes, and bag tags. This is a fantastic cake for couples who've caught the travel bug or even for those who are planning a destination wedding. It's completely customizable, so you could even make this cake reflect your impending honeymoon destination!

Disney Wedding Cake

Most women have dreamed of their wedding day from the time they were little girls, envisioning themselves as the princess of the day. This is most likely, at least in part, because they've grown up with the magical world of Walt Disney. In his fables, little girls are given hope that one day their prince will come and whisk them away into a happily-ever-after. And for some lucky women, this actually does happen. 

Cinderella and Belle are two Disney beauties we love. These wedding cakes done by Gimme Some Sugar  perfectly encompass both of the characters and their love stories without being exact replicas. While these cakes won't turn into a pumpkin by midnight, they may disappear with your guests at the night's end.

Cake Pop Tier

If you are the kind of couple that flirts with styles between "formal" and "fun," an exciting choice for a wedding cake may be a cake pop cake. Instead of using these bite-sized dessert bursts as an aside, use these treats as a replacement for the traditional tiers. From color-coordinated pops (all white seems to be the "it" trend these days) to themed characters, pops are popping up across wedding dessert tables everywhere. While your traditional wedding cake can only cram so much into its design, cake pop pieces can be intricately designed and personalized for a stunning visual presentation.

Pricing varies greatly depending on the design, display method, and accessories, especially since most shops offer custom-made orders. These pops pictured above come from Big City Pops in New York City and start at $36 for one dozen or $39 for one dozen custom pops.

If you aren't ready to take the plunge into a full cake pop wedding cake, try combining your display with a traditional top sheet cake or using the pops as a fun, edible accent. Either way, you can't go wrong with this gorgeous, tasty display.

For this and other amazing wedding cake ideas, check out the accompanying slideshow. From fairy tale castle cakes to themed movie cakes, there's a cake for everyone.

Baseball Cake

Maybe you and your partner are a no-frills kind of couple, the type that would rather be at the ball game than stuck in a stuffy ceremony. Not to worry —, you can bring the ball field to you! With this artfully crafted baseball cake made out of traditional tiers and cake pop stands, you can blend the worlds of tradition and fun with ease. Thanks to Austin Cake Ball, this custom- made piece is just the tip of the inspiration iceberg for sports fans all of all varieties. Can't you just envision these adorable little baseballs or little footballs on the green just in time for tailgating season? 

Modern Geometric Wedding Cake

Since when is it hip to be square? Since the newest fad in wedding cakes is a cake in a geometric shape! Geometric wedding décor is the hot trend for weddings in 2013 and geo-styled wedding cakes are spreading like wildfire. Adorning your three-tiered wedding cake with colorful triangles, squares, and circles is destined to keep guests talking — long after the fondant shapes have settled in your guests' stomachs.

This turquoise, black, white, and shimmering gold fondant cake (which seems, like most geo-cakes, to be Gatsby-inspired) complemented the "modern urban wedding" photographed by Scott Michael. The wedding cake was made by My Sweet & Saucy, a company based out of Southern California. The eye-catching cake is perfectly shaped — the key to a successful geometric cake is the precision of the lines and the neatness. The little touches of gold glitter and bold graphic patterns add to the perfection and classiness of the (dare we say it?) hipster geometric wedding cake!

For more geometric-inspired wedding cakes, click here!

$130,000 Platinum Wedding Cake

In these economically challenging times, many cringe at the costs of weddings. Imagine spending $130,000 — on the cake alone! Draped in stunning platinum necklaces, pendants, and pins, this white wedding cake is worth more than $130,000. Edible platinum flakes boosted the price of this $130,000 cake that's covered in plain white frosting and fondant, and fine necklaces and pendants brought an additional dose of elegant class to this luxurious (mostly) edible creation.

In 2007, Japanese pastry chef Nobue Ikara created this jaw-dropping creation to be showcased by Platinum Guild International, a company that at the time was encouraging more and more people to buy platinum jewelry. According to, the cake itself was dedicated to several famous Japanese women, including actress Rinko Kikuchi (from Babel) and model Chie Kumasawa.

Since 2007, the idea of dressing wedding cakes in jewelry and rhinestones has been a hot one, and it's still going strong six years later in 2013. If you're feeling particularly trendy and want to wow crowds, look to the Internet for amazing "cake rhinestone belts" and "cake broaches" on websites like Couture Cake Jewelry.

Unique Indian Themed Wedding Cake

Bollywood is popular for its notable vibrancy, colors, songs, and elaborate dance sequences. More so, Bollywood movies are visually captivating because they portray a dream world in which the hero saves the damsel in distress and good continually triumphs over evil. So what could more celebratory than incorporating Bollywood and what it represents into your wedding cake?

Created by Palermo Bakery, this distinct, eye-capturing wedding cake was made for one of their clients who desired a cake "unique" in presentation. Bakers at Palermo's sculpted the top three tiers in bold purples and green, in the shape of a traditional snowman. The spherical fondant cake pieces were tied with silver fondant bands and brooches. The site's description reads, "Each tier is separated by a lush cluster of tropical and colorful gumpaste flowers." The custom wedding cake was elevated on a round silver fondant tier with a gemstone and fondant combination paisley design.

If you're a color lover and a culture lover, use this cake as inspiration for an epic Bollywood-themed wedding cake!

Pink Ombre Flower Wedding Cake

This year the ombré craze has taken over — from maxi skirts to hair colors,  ombré is everywhere. By default, the ombré obsession has (unsurprisingly) made its way into the world of wedding cakes. Not only does the soft fading effect look elegant on wedding cakes, but the subtle mix between bright shades and pastel colors is a lovely fit for weddings (especially this summer, and with the edition of flowers).

Maggie Austin, a Washington, D.C. native and former ballerina who is famous for her frilly fondant wedding cakes, created pink ombré rose petal wedding cake that took the Internet by storm. Not only is this masterpiece breathtaking and unique, but the ombré shading she craftily uses takes guest on a visual journey up and down the cake. And Martha Stewart's Ombré Gum-Paste Petal cake is equally eye-catching and elegant when it comes to its pink ombré petal design.

Love the flower-ombré combination and want something maybe a bit more toned down? Consider this Martha Stewart ombré swirl vanilla confetti cake covered with lemon buttercream. Or, if you aren't a fan at all of the flower-ombré combination, just go ombré with another Martha Stewart creation, like the ombré yellow teardrop wedding cake.

Because ombré cakes are so visually appealing, the way you go about them is totally up to you. No matter the route you take, your ombré wedding cake will surely keep people talking even when the cake is long gone!

Monogram Weddding Cake

Monogram cake-toppers have been a relatively common addition to wedding cake décor for years — incorporating a monogram topper to a wedding cake brings a couple's personal touch to the confection. With that thought in mind, the latest in monogram-wedding decoration now begins on the actual cake itself!

Martha Stewart Weddings introduced a monogram-stenciled wedding cake, on their list of modern wedding cakes, declaring it the newest fad in wedding cakes. The dense chocolate cake (pictured above) is complemented by a stenciled cocoa-powered monogram print that's both simple and effective. If you don't want monogram letters to control your whole cake, check out these 12 monogrammed wedding cakes for inspiration on ways to incorporate letters differently. Use a small single pair of fondant letters, or repeat your and your spouse's initials in tons of patterns on your cake. If you are a couple without a defined theme for your wedding, monogram cakes are a nice fill-in as a cake — as naturally, you and your married match should be the theme of your wedding!

Be proud of your initials (or rather, your new ones) and prove it by putting it on your wedding cake!

Rustic Wood Wedding Cake

A rustic wedding is the perfect opportunity to downplay the sweets — it's all about looking natural and country chic. If you want something complementary to the theme of your wedding but guaranteed to make guests take a second look at your cake, try incorporating textures and patterns that mimic nature, like tree bark or wood grain.

So nature-loving couples everywhere, we now introduce to you a surprisingly shocking wedding fad: bark-inspired wedding cakes. The "wood" cake — that appears to have the swirled brown texture of a tree — beautifully complements any outdoorsy couple who desire to throw a rustic-themed wedding. Wedding cake crafters carefully paint the specific bark texture onto the cake over fondant to go along perfectly with a rustic chic wedding.

Depending on the couple, several additions to the wood cake can be made to heighten its believability, including "love bird" toppers, flowers, pine cones, branches, and even a "tree carving" of the initials of the couple.
Like the cake pictured above, many couples also invest in a wood cake stand to complement their rustic theme, many of which are sold on Etsy. If a tree bark cake isn't quite what you're looking for, click here for 20 other rustic-themed cakes.

Ruffle Wedding Cakes

Ruffles are a fashion favorite that have found their way into the wedding cake world this year. Not only are the design possibilities for these elegant embellishments varied (as you can cover an entire cake, a single tier, or a small portion of the cake) but you can also create rosette (ruffle) embellishments to top your cake. Once you are a fondant-ruffle-making master, using Wilton tools and guidance from cake decorator Maggie Austin, you can add your own unique design touches to any ruffle cake.

Maggie Austin, a cake crafter who created our featured Pink Ombré Flower Cake, offers a helpful online class on Fondant Frills and ruffle decoration, which happens to be her specialty.

The greatest thing about ruffle cakes is the versatility the decorating technique offers. By layering frills downward, you can give your cake a softer, non-traditional look. Layering frills sideways, which has become a popular trend, will give your cake an original look. If you aren't a fan of fondant, consider using ruffle-icing techniques to dress your cake. Many couples even accompany their ruffle cake with ombré coloring. Ruffle creativity is adaptable and endless!

If you are looking for a simple and nontraditional cake style, this just may be it!

Movie-Inspired Cake: 'Sharknado' Cake

The so-bad-it's-so-good made-for-television disaster film about a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and sends them ripping through Los Angeles, Sharknado, has everyone talking. According to a New York Post report, the movie, which originally aired on Syfy July 11, had people talking at 5,000 tweets per minute and took the world of social media by storm. And now, it's making waves in the world of baking as well.

In keeping with its cult following, the Syfy original movie has even found its place among the world of cakes: Duff Goldman and his team at Charm City Cakes created a Sharknado cake tribute. The cake, which seems to defy physics, is a shiny tornado spawning a bloodthirsty Great White shark. Goldman even had fun with the cake by posing and crouching on the floor.

Although we usually shy away from inviting disaster into your kitchen, for this particular edible, fish-filled natural disaster, we will make an exception!

Wedding Cake of the Day: Macaron Cake

If you are looking for a way to incorporate something traditionally French into your wedding cake (or your Blair Waldorf senses happen to be tingling), consider adding macarons to your wedding plan!

Bring a little bit of Paris to your wedding with these irresistible colored sweets that, ever since the days of Marie Antoinette, have been associated with refinement, glamor, and style. Trendy to the wedding cake scene, macaron towers are a new wedding cake replacement, as macarons can be tinted in any color to perfectly match your event and can come in almost any flavor.
Macaron towers are commonly used as dessert table elements and even centerpieces, but more and more adventurous brides are choosing a macaron tower over the traditional wedding cake. If you are a bride who isn't feeling bold or adventurous enough to go along with the new trend, consider decorating your wedding cake with macarons, like this Martha Stewart creation. Other cakes that incorporate macarons use the cookies as wrap-around decorative pieces, as pictured above.

Pearl Wedding Cake

On your big day, in the midst of all of the stressful party planning and your seemingly endless to-do list, the last thing you want to do is waste extra anxiety over picking and designing the perfect wedding cake. Haven't yet decided on a color scheme or don't have time to design the perfect cake? Consider the next, and perhaps the classiest trend in wedding cakes yet — pearl wedding cakes.

Elegant, shimmering pearls, which are actually cascading fondant balls made to look like pearls, blend seamlessly with almost any wedding theme, and exude class and allure.Your guests will be left in awe as they gaze at the beautiful embellishments, when they are not mesmerized by the ceremony, of course. This style of cakes is incredibly versatile, so customize the number, size, and design of pearls, creating a cake that is as classy as you.

This upcoming trend is hard to come by, although these gorgeous confections are currently being produced by The Pink Cake Box and The Duet Baker New York where prices are determined after a consultation.
Try this sophisticated and chic trend and have the most graceful cake your guests have ever seen!

Metallic Cakes

Lately metallic and chrome has been everywhere — from jewelry to clothing to nail polish. So it was only a matter of time before this trend hit the food world, and it has done so with glamour and class with metallic cakes — the next big and eye-catching thing at upscale parties and weddings.

How is this extravagant look created? There are countless lustrous shades to choose from, and the effect is created by mixing Luster Dust with a liquid agent such as vodka to create a paint to brush over any cake, cupcake, or even cake pop. This trend will add instant allure and charm to a party theme, exuding opulence and seemingly effortless beauty. Once you try this trend, you may never go back to basic shimmer-less cakes.

Upscale wedding bakery boutique Duet Bakery New York has mastered this trend, although if you're feelings crafty, follow a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a metallic finish onto your cake of choice with this How Cast video and add some thrill to your next party treat.

Castle Cakes

Although princess-themed weddings have been a pursued for a while now (who wouldn't want to feel like a princess on their wedding day?), the trend has become rampant since Spring 2010 with the release of the line of diamond engagement rings by Disney, each made to represent a different Disney princess. Disney's recent opening of their Wedding Design Studio, complete with tools and resources for planning the perfect princess wedding, has made a fairy tale wedding easier and more accessible for these princess-loving brides.

This trend is especially fun because it's so customizable. Would you like a sand castle? How about a medieval-style castle that you may find in the mountains of Europe? As you may guess, these cakes are incredibly complex and difficult to create, but cake makers such as Elegant Cheese Cakes in San Francisco and, of course, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings in Southern California, Florida, and Hawaii, make the process much more enjoyable.

Cupcake Wedding Towers

With cupcakes growing in popularity over the past few years due to cost and convenience, many people have been substituting cupcakes for cakes (as the main dessert and centerpiece) at large functions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Using cupcakes as an alternative to the traditional large wedding cake, a tiered cupcake wedding cake is not only original and trendy, but also great for your budget. Cupcake wedding cakes are doable for even the most average baker, with the added benefit that cupcakes can be made and frozen ahead of time, as well as dressed up or down. Because you are not limited to overpriced costly designer made cakes, the cupcake wedding cake is a sensible and creative choice as you are able to make them yourself and avoid expensive cake cutting and serving fees in the process.

The big argument over cupcakes vs. wedding cakes is that alternately versus a cheaper cost and tradition. If you are concerned about the "cake-cutting" tradition, have the top tier of your cupcake cake be a small fondant cake (as pictured above).

Overall it seems if you're stuck between cupcakes and cakes, there's just a bit more punch to a cupcake cake.  

Sprinkle Wedding Cakes

Rainbow sprinkles never fail to invoke feelings of nostalgia and childhood, and what better day to reflect on adolescence than the day where you are about to be fully propelled into adult life? Sprinkle wedding cakes are bombarding the wedding scene with their bright and youthful charm, and this trend does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

This trend is great because it is both versatile and customizable. Douse your cake in rainbow colors or simply dust it with touches of sweet multicolored magic. Many custom wedding cake bakeries have caught onto this trend luckily these cakes are not too difficult to create, and companies such as Palermo's Custom Cakes in NYC and CMNY Cakes have mastered the trend.

Your guests will giggle in delight as they lay eyes on this ravishing treat, and it will immediately set a happy and joyful tone, and who doesn't want that at their wedding? Consider straying away from average on your big day, and have a wedding to remember with a flecked masterpiece.

Gerbera Daisy Cakes

Scrambling for last minute wedding cake inspiration? Look to the trends! These two bakeries both received requests for gorgeous gerbera daisy cakes in hot pink, but you could completely customize this adorable idea to your own wedding colors.