We All Know Khloe Kardashian Has Money, but Can You Believe This Stunt She Pulled Just to Get to Chipotle?

And she ordered extra guacamole

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Khloe Kardashian just may be the Chipotle ultimate fan.

How far would the average Chipotle lover travel to get his or her hands on one of the chain’s chicken bowl of goodness? I would say maybe 10 miles, but that’s only if you’re average. Khloe Kardashian may have proved herself to be the ultimate Chipotle fan — here’s why.

Kardashian, reality TV star, entrepreneur, and now host of the new food show Kocktails with Khloe, which is based around dinner parties with her famous friends, allegedly took a private jet from Los Angeles to Houston, where she went straight to Chipotle from the plane. Khloe ordered several chicken bowls and extra guacamole. That’s right, the guacamole that hesitate to add (it costs extra!) — she ordered several servings of it.

While the idea that Kardashian traveled all the way there just for a Chipotle chicken bowl makes a great story, supposedly, she was traveling to Houston to attend a birthday celebration for her new beau, James Harden. Harden actually placed the order for the two, while Khloe stayed on her cell phone. I guess anything is possible when you have the bank account of a Kardashian.


Are they texting each other?