Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Special Someone

It feels like just yesterday we were obligated to buy mountains of holiday gifts, but it's time to grab your wallet again because Valentine's Day is nearly here. Even if you hate this holiday you know there is just no way to avoid the candy and flowers around every corner.

Whether your valentine is your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or even the cat next door, you shouldn't be left out of the festivities. The most romantic day of the year doesn't need to be any more stressful than it is, so here is a list of some great gifts to wow whoever your sweetheart is.

The Sweetest Occasion Chocolates from Lindt

At the center of its Valentine's Day collection, Lindt is featuring a strawberries and cream truffle. No doubt the classic pink and white color combination was chosen for the romantic holiday. But aside from the cute design, this package made it to our list of Valentine's Day gifts because it can also be used in hot chocolate! Satisfy your sweet tooth with these chocolates or use them in a strawberries and cream hot cocoa. Yum!

Presse by Bobble

Remember those water bottles called Bobble? Well the company has now released a one-cup-at-a-time coffee brewer that lets you brew, press, and go. These aren't just for coffee, but can be used for tea, or even a water infusion. This is something your valentine will use every day, and they come in sultry colors like red to show just how much you care. Check out Bobble's website here to see some delicious recipes you can use too.

L.A. Burdick Chocolates

These aren't your run of the mill chocolates; these decadent little creatures look like mice! If you want to get your special someone something different than just a bouquet of flowers, this is the gift to buy. The chocolate mice feature red and pink tails for Valentine's Day and the chocolate flavors, like its limited edition heart-shaped bon bons, won't disappoint.

The Real Co.

For Valentine's Day we all indulge in ridiculously decadent foods, but why ruin the night with too many fatty dishes? The Real Co. is the perfect place to get all the ingredients you need for your romantic dinner and its all organic certified! Try making a delicious spicy white basmati rice bowl with chicken and veggies. To see all their products visit TheRealCo. Cooking your own romantic dinner will certainly impress your date.