These Waffle Iron Hacks Will Make You The Boss Of Brunch



Waffles are a brunch staple, and we'll happily eat through a pile of them topped with whipped cream and berries every Sunday morning, but these hacks will show how your waffle iron can make so much more than fluffy, crisp waffles. We'll talk you through the best sweet and savory waffle hacks to make brunch both easier and tastier. Drag your waffle iron out from the back of the cupboard, wipe off the layer of dust that's settled on top, cover it with plenty of cooking spray, and you'll be able to make your entire meal in your waffle iron.

Cake Batter Waffles

Cake or cupcake mixes from a box can easily be made into a brunch dish by cooking the batter in your waffle iron rather than baking it in your oven. Make these waffles even more brunch party-perfect by topping them with frosting, sprinkles, or whipped cream, just as you would a regular cake.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles

Chocolate chip cookies in waffle format are a dream brunch dish. Simply take your favorite cookie dough and press it into your well-greased waffle iron. Cook either as one extra-large waffle or as several small cookie waffle bites for about eight minutes, until golden and crisp.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

There's no need to mess around with baking cinnamon rolls in time for brunch: Make the cinnamon rolls easily and quickly by cooking them in your waffle iron. Don't forget to serve them with cream cheese glaze doused over the top.

Doughnut Waffles

If you don't want to serve clearly store-bought foods at your brunch party, trick your guests into thinking everything on the table is homemade by simple cooking supermarket or bakery items in your waffle iron. Doughnuts work brilliantly this way: Use simple doughnuts (nothing  with a fancy glaze), and press them in the waffle iron until they've transformed into homemade waffle doughnuts.

Waffle Iron Bacon

You don't need to get an extra pan dirty and have hot oil flying everywhere to serve perfectly crispy bacon: You can just cook it in your waffle iron. Simply break the pieces of bacon in half so that they fit easily and cook for about four minutes, or until cooked to your liking.

Waffle Iron Panini

Paninis and grilled cheese are always a popular brunch option: They're the perfect hangover cure, and no one can turn down a melting, greasy, charred sandwich a lazy weekend morning. To make cooking these hot sandwiches even easier, simply place them in your waffle iron. This means they'll be perfectly pressed, an ideal temperature, and easy to make more of when your guests inevitably ask for seconds.

Waffle Iron Pizza

Take pizza dough and place it in your waffle iron to cook for at least five minutes. When done to your liking, cover with your favorite toppings and briefly place in the oven to heat the sauce and melt the cheese.

Waffle Iron Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs made in a waffle iron may sound impossible — surely scrambled eggs really are the one thing that have to be cooked in a pan, right? Well, as long as you're not fussy about how creamy your eggs are, you can beat them together, pour them into a waffle iron, cook for a few minutes, flip them over, and cook for another minute until you have waffle-shaped eggs.