21 Weird Facts About Texas

21 Weird Things You Never Knew About Texas

Even the trivia is bigger in the Lone Star State

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but things are a little weirder in the Lone Star State, too. After all, Texas is the second most populated state, so it’s sure to have its quirks here and there. It’s just surprising how many weird things you may not know about this state.

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Yes, you know where Texas is on a map, you know its cuisine, and you know that Austin is the capital of live music and amazing barbecue. But did you know that Texas has an official state dinosaur? Well, it does! And the state is actually a goldmine for paleontological finds. Texas has a few other particular oddities, like its own dialect of German, the United States’ fastest highway, and the only town on Earth named after Earth.

Yeah, it’s just like we said. Texas is a little bit weird. But that’s OK! Plenty of other states are a little weird too. (We’re looking at you, California and Florida!) But if you think these previously mentioned facts are a little funky, it’s nothing compared to the other weird things about Texas.