Tech-Savvy Hosts Use These Party Planning Apps


Tech-Savvy Hosts Use These Party Planning Apps

Say goodbye to to-do lists scribbled on scraps of paper

Planning a party has never been easier than it is these days, and there’s exactly one thing to thank: the phone in your pocket. It’s an understatement to say that technology has totally shifted the ways that people organize and manage their lives, and, of course, party planning is no exception.

If you’re looking to streamline your party planning process, take these five party planning apps into consideration. They’ll keep you unbelievably organized and take irritating tasks, such as keeping track of RSVPs and putting together a grocery list, out of your hands.

Paper invitations are so yesterday. Evite allows you to design and customize digital invitations. You can personalize your invitations with images straight from your phone and import your phone’s contacts for simple guest list creation. The best part? Evite allows you to keep track of your RSVPs and will bug your friends to send their replies for you. That’s one less annoying task on your to-do list.

This all-in-one app really does it all. myParties allows you to organize multiple parties at once, send out groups of invitations, make to-do lists, balance your party budget (and sub-budgets), and even assign tables. For the frequent party planner, nothing quite beats the usability of myParties.

Planning your party menu is simple with this recipe organizer. You can keep a list of all of your favorite party foods and change them at your own will, if need be. For parties, you can organize a list of all the dishes you’ll be serving, and Pepperplate will automatically generate a shopping list for you.

This one is obvious, but really, no other app is a better place to look for party inspiration than this juggernaut. Sure, some tropes (like Mason jars and chalkboards) from Pinterest have become a joke, but this online bulletin board allows you to organize everything from your color choices to activities to timelines and recipes. It’s so easy to search and pin things, it’s no wonder Pinterest is on top.

The best host is an organized host, and when it comes to to-do lists, no app matches the ease of use of Wunderlist. It’s a basic task manager app with a bevy of features. You can add individual tasks with due dates, create subtasks to complete a larger project, and share your to-do list with co-hosts, family, and friends.