Wedding Bouquet

Photo Modified: Flickr / Daryl Schmidt / CC BY 4.0

Summer Wedding Flower Trends With Club Botanic

Find out which flowers are best for your summer wedding
Wedding Bouquet

Photo Modified: Flickr / Daryl Schmidt / CC BY 4.0

Summer is the best time for creating a beautiful wedding bouquet.

Summer is here, and has brought with it plenty of excitement about the armfuls of summer blooms available at flower markets and florists across the country. We sat down to talk about summer designs with Billy Crawford of San Francisco’s Club Botanic (a premier florist on BloomNation, a marketplace for local, handcrafted arrangements). Club Botanic is a cutting edge floral design company that does events and small weddings, as well as offering floral subscription services for bouquets and wreaths.

Crawford tells us that whether they are designing daily flower arrangements for clients and customers, or planning for larger events, they know that they will have many beautiful floral choices in the months ahead. If you are planning a wedding this summer, or if you just want to create some gorgeous summer arrangements, Club Botanic have some advice about all those wonderful blooms.

“First, look for garden roses. We love them, and with the new varieties pioneered by David Austin, they can be almost as large as a peony, with an incredible perfume. They are the consummate focal bloom — and they look amazing paired with untamed fillers like vines, jasmine, succulents or even air plants (called Tillandsia). You will have many different colors to choose from including the popular Juliet that offers delicious tones of peach and pink. Garden roses are always a wedding favorite!”

Crawford continues, “Don't forget that dahlias are one of the most popular wedding flowers around, we love them as well and it's not hard to see why they are frequently chosen for summer arrangements. No two are exactly alike! Café au Lait is our favorite variety, and it can be found in varying shades from blush, to peach, to Champagne, to ivory. It's true that you can find at least a couple of the 19 types of dahlias at some point during the year, but summer brides are really lucky as the Café au Lait variety is usually in season from June through September.

“My team and I also rely on numerous accent flowers, which help to create movement and artistry in a design. Those beauties are plentiful in summer and include Astilbe, Scabiosa, Lisianthus, and Astrantia. They are some of our favorites for any summer design.

“Finally, if you want to highlight the look of wildflowers in your design (like we always do), don't forget to add some pretty Queen Anne's Lace: It will elevate your design from mundane to beautifully bohemian. Make sure you welcome summer in with as many flowers as you can — it's the best time of the year for flower-lovers, and we can't wait to take advantage of the season's best!”


Club Botanic was founded with a simple goal — to make it easy and convenient to enjoy fresh flowers. They source their flowers from local and regional growers, and support their worker communities by paying a fair price. Club Botanic works on events and small weddings, as well as offering same day flower deliveries through their BloomNation online store.