10 DIY Edible Food Wreaths from 10 DIY Edible Food Wreaths

10 DIY Edible Food Wreaths


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10 DIY Edible Food Wreaths

The holiday season is here and this year you’ve decided to throw a huge party! You’re not the craftiest person in the world, but you still want to add some festive elements to your gathering.

Making a food wreath for the holidays is incredibly easy and adds festive, fun food to your home. These aren't wreaths to hang on the door or over the mantelpiece — they're for the table, where, once you've had a good look at them, your guests can tear into them for a delicious appetizer or after-dinner treat. From refreshing salad arrays to displays of decadent desserts, we’ve compiled a list of awesome, simple wreath ideas for your holiday party.