Snoop Dogg's 'Wassup, Martha' And 9 More Best Food Tweets Of The Week

The best thing to happen on Twitter this week hands down was Snoop Dogg hitting up Martha Stewart with that "WYD" text. The unlikely duo are already steaming up TV screens with their hit show, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, but they managed to bring the fun to Twitter to promote the series. The exchange was seriously relatable for anyone who has ever texted back, "nm chillin, u?"

"wassup, @MarthaStewart, wat u doin ?" Snoop tweeted calling out the blonde cooking icon.

"Hey @SnoopDogg! Not much – just doing some autumn chores around the farm. I'm a little bored actually," she responded.

"you kno me. chillin, blazin . u wanna mix it up ?" This is when things started to heat up. If you've ever been invited to Netflix and chill, you know the drill.

"I thought you'd never ask- are you thinking what I'm thinking?" But that is where you get your mind directly out of the gutter because the reality-TV duo used this tweet exchange to promote their VH1 series, now on Wednesday nights!

If you follow Gordon Ramsay, then you are well aware that he will occasionally respond to pictures of food that people have made and tagged him in. Sometimes he's nice and sometimes he's, well, Gordon Ramsay.

"Idiot sandwich" Ramsay responded to a picture of a slice of bread layered with hot Cheeto fries and hot dogs.

Our favorite food-minded tweeter on Twitter, John Mayer, decided to bring us not one but two golden tweets this week that are as thought-provoking as they are nostalgic.

"Why is it called a "can" of soup but a "jar" of peanut butter?" He tweeted, asking the real questions,

"I am a full grown adult, yet I still feel like rolling a piece of bread into a ball turns it back into raw dough," we all know someone who does this. They are most definitely a child at heart.

It seems like Pedialyte is catching on to the fact that adults need hydration too and the potential rebranding is shocking to some.

"We like tailgates too, ya know. Take us with you to rehydrate after a few cold ones"

"Did pedialyte finally just say eff the kids and start pushing towards binge drinking 20-somethings?" tweeted @SmokeyBear.

This retweet was too dang clever not to include. When the president tweeted about his appointment with Italy, he got sufficiently roasted by a fellow Twitter user.

"Will be speaking with Italy this morning!" he announced.

"When Olive Garden got stale breadsticks," Abdinoor quote tweeted.

If you're a Harry Styles fan then you definitely saw the similarities between the WWII film Dunkirk and Harry Style's cake- and puppy-filled music video for "Kiwi." One Twitter user cleverly tweeted side-by-side stills that totally evoke the war film trailer. Oh the drama!

Twitter now has a site-wide 280-character limit after initially privileging only select users with the ability, and some brands and celebrities are taking it a little too far. Both Sesame Street's Cookie Monster and fast food chain Checkers and Rally's took up all the space that they could testing out the new character limit.

Last, but certainly not least is this amazing tweet from Chrissy Teigen who has forced us to reflect on the question, "Do rappers go to lunch"? She even called out a few rappers, who if they did find the time, seem like they would lunch, or even brunch, but it was to no avail. Hopefully someone answers her soon.

"What do rappers do during the day? Why aren't there ever paparazzi photos of them going to lunch? Nicki? Drake? Jay? Where are they during the day? Please help me," she tweeted. We can probably confirm that they aren't eating any of these hilarious sad desk lunches, that's for sure.