The Signature Cocktail:Tips For Creating Your Own

Many restaurants and bars have them — signature drinks. When you're entertaining at home, it's essential for you to have one as well. It should reflect something about your personality and tell your guest who you are.

"It is important to have unique drinks that are specific to your concept," Adam Robin, director of operations at Delray Beach, Florida, Mexican cantina Cabo Flats, says. Signature drinks tell a story of who you are and what you do. As a home entertainer, you must make a signature cocktail that your guests will enjoy.

Here are Adam's five secrets to concocting the perfect cocktail:


It's important to balance the amount of alcohol you use to create a pleasing ratio of bitterness to sweetness. Some people believe that more alcohol is always better, but the delicate flavor equilibrium has to be considered. Carefully measure the alcohol, mixer, and sweetener when you're inventing your drink so you can recreate it perfectly every time. 

Fresh Juice

Whether you go for orange, pink grapefruit, lemon, or lime, it is extremely important to use fresh-squeezed juice — nothing packaged or pasteurized.

Quality of Alcohol

A low-quality vodka, gin, or tequila will ruin your drink every time. You must take into account the distillation process and the item from which the alcohol is distilled. For example, good tequila is 100 percent blue agave. Some of the best vodka, such as Tito's, is distilled from corn. 


Yes, sweetener matters. Use agave for tequila, and simple syrup for vodka or gin. For brown spirits, pure cane sugar is your best option.

The Final Touches

The last piece to a "perfect cocktail" is the garnish, the foam, the oil, the bitters, the twist, the smoke, the salted rim, etc. These finishing touches will have a huge effect on the taste and look of your cocktail. It's been said that people eat and drink with their eyes, so the colors and consistency of a cocktail matters just as much as the taste.