Could Shaquille O’Neal Be Opening a Restaurant in Downtown LA?

An ABC license was recently registered for a place called ‘Shaquille’s’
shaquille o'neal

The Daily Meal is wondering if Shaquille O’Neal is opening a downtown LA restaurant after an ABC license was registered for “Shaquille’s.”

As Los Angeles welcomes LeBron James to its basketball team, another Lakers legend might also be making a homecoming, but in a slightly different way. Iconic Lakers great Shaquille O’Neal may just be opening a restaurant near the Staples Center area at L.A. Live, where the Lakers play.

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An Alcoholic Beverage Control license was registered out of Los Angeles on August 20 for a “general eating place” named Shaquille’s. The Olympic Boulevard address is the former home of The Farm of Beverly Hills at L.A. Live and Cleo’s.

O’Neal’s full name is not officially listed on the license, but outlets such as Eater has linked the potential eatery with the NBA Hall of Famer. The Daily Meal has reached out to O’Neal’s representation on the matter to officially confirm.

An LA restaurant is not out of the question for O’Neal, who Variety reports is filming an eight-episode reality show for Facebook Watch called Big Chicken Shaq about opening a Las Vegas chicken restaurant. The restaurant, called “The Big Chicken” will serve fried, baked, and sandwiched chicken as well as other specialty dishes, according to Food and Wine.

Hopefully Shaq’s food ventures won’t turn out like the projects of these 25 celebrities who tried to break into the food world and failed.