Queen Elizabeth
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Queen Elizabeth’s 10 Favorite Drinks

Her favorite cocktails, wines, and water

There’s something inherently fascinating about the British royal family, even to us Americans, especially when it comes out that they like to party like the rest of us. Over and over again, it has been reported that Queen Elizabeth drinks four alcoholic beverages a day.

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Well, former royal chef Darren McGrady told Reader’s Digest that isn’t necessarily the case. “I’m pretty confident she doesn’t have four drinks a day,” he said. “She’d be pickled.” And while that is totally fair, we couldn’t help but wonder: What does Queen Elizabeth like to drink? And could her choice of beverages be a factor in her longevity?

We found out that in addition to her favorite cocktail (Dubonnet and gin), Queen Elizabeth also likes to drink Champagne, though she isn’t beholden to one particular brand. She also will occasionally indulge in various types of wine (including her own brand!), and of course, she starts her day with a cup of tea.

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