October Officially Surpassed June As The Most Popular Wedding Month

Think of the stereotypical wedding. The bride is in white, there are flowers, a towering, tiered wedding cake, and it's probably June.

For a long time, the most popular month to tie the knot was June. The late spring month was right after the end of the school year, so new graduates wouldn't have to skip a beat before starting adult life (which often meant marriage). June is also cooler than its fellow sweltering summer months and warmer than the often temperamental months of April and May. So, really, June was ideal for most brides and grooms.

But that is not the case anymore. The most popular time of year to get married these days is the fall, especially October.

According to The Knot, the two most popular wedding dates for 2017 are Saturday, Oct. 7, and Saturday Oct. 14. They're followed closely by the third and fourth Saturdays in September, meaning that early fall is the time to get hitched. Sept. 9, Oct. 21, and Sept. 30 also all landed in the top 10. Meanwhile, just June 17 (No. 8) and June 10 (No. 10) made the cut for the original most popular wedding month.

And it makes sense, when you start to think about it. Once summer winds down, temperatures will be cooler, allowing you to have a stunning outdoor wedding without worrying about sweating off all your makeup and marking your designer white wedding dress and tuxedo with pit stains. Of course autumn also brings with it the changing leaves and fall foliage, allowing for the colors of nature to decorate your big day. And 2017 is all about natural d├ęcor and greenery, after all.

But because October is the most popular month of the year to get married, that often means it's the most expensive. And that's something to take into account when picking your wedding date.

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