lucy hale
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Lucy Hale Loves Starbucks Just as Much as the Rest of Us

We don't blame her
lucy hale
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The actress touches on resolutions for 2019, her coffee order and her best bud Elvis. 

Lucy Hale doesn’t believe in making resolutions in the new year, not only because she knows it’s hard to keep them, but because she believes we should be making them year-round. Last year, the “Pretty Little Liars” alum made a promise to herself that she’d run a marathon, but this year she’s taking smaller strides because slow and steady wins the race.

Why You Can’t Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

“Last year, my resolution was to run a marathon,” the 29-year-old actress told The Daily Meal. “Do you think I did that? Absolutely not. So this year, [my resolutions are] basic, like live in the moment, spend more time with family — those sort of things. I do need to be off my phone a little bit more. I’ve said I want to read more because I love reading. I don’t know if I necessarily believe in resolutions because we should be doing that all year long, not just when the year starts.”

Getting to the gym is likely the most popular goal people set in January, but Hale has always been good about working out. We know this because she’s in great shape, but also because an astronomical number of photos exist of her leaving the gym. The rest of them — or the majority, at least — show her outside the coffee shop with an iced latte in hand.

“It’s so funny. They [paparazzi] only follow me to like, Starbucks because that’s literally all I do. I go to work, work out and go to Starbucks,” she said. Hale’s go-to drink is an iced soy latte, but she’s trying to have less soy, so she’s switched over to iced almond lattes and dirty chai teas instead.

As for her diet, it’s constantly changing. Hale says it’s hard to eat healthily when she’s traveling, but finds that she feels her best when she’s drinking tons of water. She also stresses the importance of eating breakfast and why she never skips it.

“I used to skip breakfast and I was like, ‘Why do I feel like crap all day?’ It’s because I was skipping breakfast,” she said. So in the morning she has a high-protein meal — egg whites, chicken or salmon — with lots of fruit because it gives her energy, but she admits she could afford to eat more vegetables. With all this in mind, Hale reminds us that it’s OK to eat other foods if you want them.

“My downfall is french fries and sweets, but I’m not a person who sticks to a diet,” she said. “I believe in moderation, and if your body’s telling you that you want something, go out and have it.”

Speaking of eating well, Elvis knows a little something about that. No, not the King of Rock and Roll — though he was named after him. This one is way fluffier and exponentially cuter. A few years back, Hale’s manager gifted her the now 3-year-old, 9-pound malti-poo and it’s been nothing but love ever since.

When he’s not getting his usual freeze-dried, grain-free turkey dog chow doused in hot water — which Hale says smells “absolutely god awful, but he loves it” — the lucky man gets spoiled with chicken, rice and veggies.

“The thing is, he expects it and he won’t eat the dog food anymore because he knows there’s better out there and will sit around all day waiting for it,” Hale said. “He knows. He’s too smart.”

Hale’s compassion for animals reaches beyond the love she has for her own four-legged friend. The “Life Sentence” front-runner — who is currently filming horror movie “Fantasy Island” in Fiji — is teamed up with Cheerios to raise money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), which helps protect and rescue animals in the United States. At the end of the partnership, her sights are on donating $100,000 to the organization, but not without beating the competition first.

Consumers who buy a box of Cheerios will notice the brand’s “Good Rewards” Buzzcoin symbol. Once scanned, they can vote Hale and the ASPCA, “Creed” actor Michael B. Jordan and Feeding America, or the New England Patriot’s Rob Gronkowski and the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation — all great charities, but Hale’s hoping by the end of this, she’ll come out on top.

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“I’m a huge animal lover. I’ve always just really gravitated towards animals. I have a dog of my own and have grown up with dogs my whole life. They don’t have a voice and the ASPCA is the leading voice for animals, so [the partnership] just felt right,” she said. If you share the same passion for your pet, it’s important to stay in the know about what’s best for their bodies. Make sure you’re feeding them the healthiest dog food, and you may want to avoid these ones altogether.