What Your Favorite Lucky Charms Marshmallow Says About You

Everyone knows the best part of eating Lucky Charms for breakfast is the marshmallows. Yes, the cereal itself is delicious, and milk is a healthy beverage choice, but the marshmallows are where the true fun lies.

Even though Lucky Charms marshmallows all actually taste the same (and all truly are marshmallows, by the way), they look almost nothing alike. So while you'll mow your way through a bowl of Lucky Charms and eat all the marshmallows, fans of this cereal usually feel that one marshmallow type is superior to all the others, and they'll savor that particular colorful shape more than the others.

Earlier this year, Lucky Charms retired its decade-old hourglass marshmallow and introduced a trendy new shape, the unicorn, giving brand new dimensions to this cereal and new meaning to the start of your day.

Oh, didn't you hear? The Lucky Charm you find the most charming says a lot about who you are as a person. Don't believe it? Here's what you're favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow says about your personality:

Hearts: You love life and embrace it for all of the sweet things it brings along, including marshmallow-infused cereals.


Stars: You have some serious wanderlust and dream of traveling the world (if you don't do so already). If you had one wish on a star, it would be to fly far, far away.


Horseshoes: You're always on the go. Have somewhere to be? You're running there. Are you already someplace? You have another spot to head to.


Clovers: You are a true optimist. No matter what life throws at you, you're looking on the bright side of things. Some see it as luck, but you know luck is all in your attitude.


Blue Moons: You're an introvert. While others may see you purely as shy, you know that isn't the case. You just like to keep things relaxed and know the importance of solitude.


Rainbows: You're an extrovert for sure. You keep things bright and colorful with your loud personality and hilarious jokes.


Red Balloons: Some may say you have your head in the clouds, but you're just a dreamer. There's no limit to what you believe you can achieve, and if you put your mind to it, those dreams will come true.


Unicorns: You're always ahead of the trends. Some may say you have a magical knack for knowing how to dress sharp. And you always know where the best bars and best restaurants in your city are.


Hourglass/Pot of Gold: You're an old soul. Whether or not you've been through it all in life, you sure feel like you have been. People come to you for advice, and they're right to do so. Your advice is as good as


Well, that last marshmallow may be gone now. But its spirit remains in you if it was truly your favorite. And even though the marshmallow shapes in Lucky Charms evolve, the differences in this classic breakfast are nowhere as weird as these 13 bizarre boxes of cereal.