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Kate Middleton Refuses to Drink Almond Milk, Warns: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read’

She’s not sure where this rumor came from
kate middleton

The duchess wishes people would read gossip with a grain of salt. 

When it comes to food and diets, we’re not surprised when celebrities’ habits run a little wild. But in the Duchess of Cambridge’s case, she recently divulged that she wished people wouldn’t believe every piece of gossip they read.

The gorgeous mother and icon recently visited a small café with her husband, Prince William. The venue serves the homeless and addicts; some of them put together a tray of tea and cakes made by charity members during the royals’ visit.


“We put almond milk on the table because we had read that she had it,” Kim Gardener, former addict and charity worker, told People.

But when the duchess saw the almond milk, she reportedly told Gardener, “Don’t believe everything you read — I don’t even like almond milk.”

If you search the web for Middleton’s diet, you’ll find countless results touting almond milk as a go-to for both her smoothies and snacks. It was even called one of her “raw favorites” by SELF in a report from last year. She’s been quoted claiming she uses it to stave off her sweet tooth when cravings run wild.

“Instead of saying yes to cookies, cakes and other bad things, she simply blends up almond milk and berries!” Smooth, a magazine from Australia, reported.

The duchess quickly smoothed over the awkward encounter. Though the tea cakes set out couldn’t have come close to the cake served at Middleton’s royal wedding, Duchess Catherine complemented the cakes and admired the decorative confections.

She would just rather they not be served with almond milk. Of course, tastes do change — and pregnant with baby number three, it’s possible Duchess Catherine is experiencing some strange tastes and cravings.