José Andrés Pledges to Serve 100,000 More Hot Meals in Puerto Rico by the End of the Week

World Central Kitchen will expand upon their already herculean efforts

Chef José Andrés has pledged to feed 100,000 meals by the end of the week to the people of Puerto Rico who are still without power or sufficient U.S. government assistance.

Chef José Andrés went live on the video streaming app Periscope to discuss the food and water crisis in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Andrés has been in the U.S. territory feeding the displaced as well as volunteers and medical and police personnel.

“Nothing is more important [than] food and water,” Andrés shouted to the large crowd that had gathered to watch him speak. He admonished the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and the requirements they seem to need in order to take action for the people in Puerto Rico. After declaring that Puerto Rico had suffered two disasters, one by nature and the other man-made (referring to the lack of help from those in power in the U.S.), Andrés pledged to serve 100,000 hot meals by the end of the week to the people living on the island.

Due to his incredible efforts, the chef has become the face of American disaster relief in Puerto Rico. His charity, World Central Kitchen, has already served over 350,000 meals in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and with his new 100,000-meals-by-end-of-the-week pledge, he truly appears to be giving everything he has to aiding his fellow Americans.

If you want to donate to Andrés’ efforts, please check out World Central Kitchen.

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