José Andrés Is in Puerto Rico Helping Hurricane Survivors

The chef has coordinated donations and relief efforts as well as helping out in person

Chef José Andrés is in Puerto Rico volunteering his time and resources to assist the hurricane-damaged U.S. territory.

Chef José Andrés is using every single one of his resources for people in Puerto Rico displaced by Hurricane Maria. Since arriving on the island on Tuesday, the Washington, D.C.-based chef has taken part in relief efforts and has been active on Twitter, documenting all the ways that he and others can help the people living in this U.S. territory without electricity, scarce food, and little fresh water.

Less than one month after volunteering to help the people of Houston post-Hurricane Harvey, Andrés has rolled up his sleeves for Puerto Rico: He has secured a poultry donation from Perdue Farms, announced that his nonprofit World Central Kitchen will provide 200 daily meals to patients at the Hospital of Carolina, rallied volunteers to bring food, water, and diesel, and visited the kitchen at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico to strategize cooking for those in need.

Although the chef and many others are doing incredible work, the situation in Puerto Rico remains dire. Food and water are so scarce that civilians wrote a plea for the necessities on the pavement in a neighborhood of Punto Santiago, just on the off chance that nearby planes and helicopters might see it and bring supplies. Most Puerto Ricans are also still without power. Officials are estimating that it could take up to six months for electricity to be restored to the island.

If you have the ability to donate anything to the efforts being made to help the people of Puerto Rico, you can donate to any of these places:


United for Puerto Rico

Global Giving


Center for Popular Democracy

Hispanic Federation’s “Unidos” Page

All Hands Volunteers


Direct Relief

Save the Children



If you have the ability to travel and physically volunteer, please check out VOAD.