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This Is John Legend's Favorite Chrissy Teigen Recipe

Sounds delicious

Chrissy Teigen’s husband, singer-songwriter John Legend, got personal about food in an interview with Refinery29. He told the lifestyle site about his favorite Chrissy recipes, what he likes to listen to when he cooks, what he eats on tour, and his craving for favorite childhood snacks.

Legend teased that there are a ton of great dishes coming out in his wife’s new cookbook, Cravings 2, but for now his favorites are her chicken pot pie and her French onion soup. Yum! However, he did admit that if there is any one food he can make better than his wife, it’s his fried chicken.

While he’s on tour, the 38-year-old eats a lot of egg white omelets for breakfast and chicken and vegetables for his dinners. When he goes overseas, Legend loves to eat in Italy. He counts pasta and pizza as his favorite foods to enjoy in the country where he and Teigen married in 2013.

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Legend also mentioned that his home movie theater is stocked with Goldfish and Cheez-Its, because they’re a childhood favorite. The couple also has a nacho cheese dispenser and hot dog machine to make snacks with while they screen movies. John, invite us over! You supply the nachos and we’ll bring the other 10 things you need for a viewing party!