How To Throw The Best Pet Birthday Party Ever

How to Throw the Best Pet Birthday Party Ever

Why is it always only humans who celebrate their birthdays every year? We think it's time our well-loved furry friends got to have a party whenever they turned one year (or seven dog years) older too. Obviously, this party isn't going to be filled with pet-illness-inducing chocolate cakeChampagne, and unwrapping of presents: None of these things would be enjoyed or even possible for your pets to partake in. Instead, you should build a pet food cake, set up agility courses, and make sure they're spoiled with tasty treats all day long.

Birthday Cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake, even if it is a party for Fido. Obviously you can't feed your pet the heavily frosted chocolate layer cake you're partial to celebrating your own birthday with, as it will make him or her sick — but there are many recipes you can find which are pet-friendly, and which you can bake at home.

Birthday Presents

Your pet may not be aware of the tradition of giving presents for birthdays, but that's no reason not to give them something. A new toy, a special edible treat, a food bowl, or a cozy bed are all perfect pet-friendly gifts that they'll really appreciate, even if they don't really understand why they're being so spoiled.


Gathering friends and pet friends together provides the perfect opportunity for some light-hearted competition. Obstacle courses which have to be completed by a pet and its human, agility courses, and trick competitions, with a prize for every winner, are a great way to spend a pet-centered afternoon.

Human Friends

It may be your pet's birthday party, but you're allowed to invite some friends, too. We don't expect this day to just consist of you entertaining 20 dogs. Invite some of your pet's favorite people (who maybe are the owners of your pet's pet friends too), and you'll have a happy pet, and you'll be a happy pet parent too.

Party Favors

Pets shouldn't miss out on one of the best bits of birthday partiesthe party favorsFill a mason jar with pet treats, give all the dogs a new ball to play with, or make some homemade chicken jerky wrapped up with a ribbon for all the owners to feed their animals on the way home.

Pet Friends

Obviously this party isn't going to consist of a group of humans admiring just your pet. Even if your pet loves your human friends, it's going to want to play with some fellow animals too.  

Pet Party Clothes

If your pet doesn't mind being dressed up in fancy clothes, treat him or her to a new birthday outfit. If Fido doesn't like wearing clothes, try at least putting a party hat on its head. If that's hated too, take it off as soon as you've snapped a photo — the ultimate embarrassing party photo to pull out and show at all the future birthday celebrations.

Pet Safety

Yes, a photo of your dog blowing out candles on its own birthday cake would do supremely well on Instagram, but the reality is your dog doesn't actually really understand fire, let alone candles, so giving your dog a cake covered in flames is not recommended.

Pet Treats

Obviously you'll need some party treats for the human guests to eat, but don't forget about the animals. We know that afternoon party snacks will be outside your pets' regular eating schedule, but what's a birthday without some special indulgences, right? Edible treats should be on hand, and should be handed out throughout the party.


No, we don't expect your dogs to understand how a piñata works, or to break it open with a stick, but this is still the best game for a pet's birthday. The humans can have fun trying to break it open, and then when it breaks, pet-friendly treats will fall dramatically to the floor for all the animals to fight over.


If you're busy sipping on a glass of Champagne to celebrate your pet's special day, don't forget that the animals might be thirsty, too. Have plenty of bowls of water out for the duration of the party so that your furry friends don't get dehydrated and tired before the party's over.