Dog Birthday


How to Throw the Best Pet Birthday Party Ever

Why should your pets miss out on celebrating turning another year older?

Why is it always only humans who celebrate their birthdays every year? We think it’s time our well-loved furry friends got to have a party whenever they turned one year (or seven dog years) older too. Obviously, this party isn’t going to be filled with pet-illness-inducing chocolate cake, Champagne, and unwrapping of presents: None of these things would be enjoyed or even possible for your pets to partake in. Instead, you should build a pet food cake, set up agility courses, and make sure they’re spoiled with tasty treats all day long.

How to Throw the Best Pet Birthday Party Ever (Slideshow)

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on the guest list, which will be harder than you imagine. You’ll want a mixture of humans your pet loves and his or her fellow pets. But make sure that Fido gets along with all the party guests before they arrive so that there’s no aggressive fighting in the middle of the birthday celebrations — no pet should have to share its cake with any furry beings it doesn’t really love.

Obviously this party should have plenty of food and drinks for the humans to enjoy, but don’t get so caught up in planning for the grown-ups that you forget to make this the best day for your pet too. Everything from party treats to party games to party favors should be animal-friendly, and we have plenty of suggestions below on how to make that possible.

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